10 Super Simple Mantras To Make Your Long Distance Relationship A Successful One

Long Distance Relationship

To keep the romantic streak alive in a relationship, both the persons must put in a lot of effort and dedication to develop greater love, care and trust for each other. But handling a long distance relationship can be difficult as the couple don’t have the chance to meet physically frequently to strengthen the bond. Proper communication, having patience and being empathetic is essential to save the relationship from getting complicated.

However, in this era of internet, maintaining a long distance relationship and keeping the romance blooming isn’t a tough job. Many people perceive that long distance relationship gradually loses its spark and makes the relationship less satisfying by the passing of time. But here are 10 super simple mantras to make your long distance relationship a successful one while ensuring that it is exciting and fun-filled for both the parties:-

  1. Spare Good Chunk Of Time For Whole Hearted Communication

Long Distance Relationship

To compensate for the distance, you must indeed compel yourself to spare a good chunk of time for your relationship to grow more loving. You must talk over phone or catch up through live chats. But instead of forcing yourself to talk for hours together, build a healthy pattern of communication by following a schedule for such telephonic or video meetings. If you live under the pressure of talking constantly for the sake of keeping your relationship stable and working, you will eventually get bored and feel hopeless. Proper management of time and energy and having mutually understanding that both of you have your other commitments in personal and professional life is the key to a healthy long distance relationship.

  1. Be More Expressive

Long Distance Relationship

Expressing your emotions to the fullest is very essential in every relationship to avoid misunderstandings and to know each other well. In a long distance relationship, being more open about your emotions is extremely crucial. Talk about your strengths and share your weaknesses while openly asking your girlfriend’s / boyfriend’s views about you and your behaviour. While long distance relationships offer a good opportunity to keep hiding your emotions but keeping such secrets would imply that you are not disclosing your true self to your partner. Keeping such secrets for prolonged period of time can ruin the essence of your relationship. Tensions in relationships are common but handling them especially in case of long term relationships can be difficult. The only key to eliminate such tensions is being honest and open about everything.

  1. Keep Surprising Each Other

Long Distance Relationship

The surprise element definitely ignites the spark in a relationship and brings two people closer. Gifts in particular, are apt in bringing a magical glow in a long distance relationship. Send your partner’s favourite flowers, physical cards or online cards or some tangible gifts that your partner may like. Present your gift in a way that showcases the depth of your love and your seriousness in making this bond stronger. Online shopping these days has emerged as the best rescue measure for couples having long distance relationship. Ensure to explore the surprise element to the fullest.  

  1. Keep Your Partner Turned On

Long Distance Relationship

Talking and chatting is the only feasible thing in a long distance relationship. But one of the most important things that enhance the loving bond is physical intimacy, which is ruled out here. When talking is everything that you can do to maintain your relationship, take this communication to a whole new level to increase love and attraction for each other. Start talking a bit about sex and get naughty over video chats. Let your imagination run wild and share seductive selfies to make your relationship adventurous. Keep your partner turned on with your sizzling imagination and your temptation to meet and take the relationship further will keep on increasing.

  1. Go On Virtual Hangouts

Long Distance Relationship

Start doing things together. Couples generally go out for movies, dinner and outings. But since it is a long distance relationship, finding out things that can still be done together makes the feeling amazing. Watch same movie at the same time, play online games or have dinners on video chat or read books / articles, etc. Discuss about these activities and you can also sing, dance and listen to music together. Such virtual hangouts can truly bring happiness in long distance relationships.

  1. Be Creative & Try To Know More About Your Partner

Be Creative & Try To Know More About Your Partner

Long distance relationships can fail if even one among both the parties doesn’t keep the conversations interesting. To prevent your partner from getting disinterested, start speaking of logical stuff or topics of common interest and put forth some important questions that can develop better understanding for each other. Since things may get boring due to the monotony that is brought about by communicating through phones or chats, you need to be creative in a way that you must talk dirty, tell some stories, share your life experiences, write poems, sing songs or go travelling while showing your partner the places of visit via video chats. Make your partner feel special and prompt him / her to do the same.

  1. Send Love Letters To Each Other

Send Love Letters To Each Other

Sending love letters physically or via email allows you to put your creativeness in the most unique manner. You get enormous time to think and express and sending such surprise letters can be very exciting. Moreover, the joy and happiness felt on receiving such letters is highly incredible in comparison to the text messages. Such letters can be stored and treasured and after many years, you both can read and rejuvenate your feelings for each other.

  1. Learn To Be Patient

Learn To Be Patient

Long distance relationships can even give rise to feelings of jealousy, envy, fear, distrust or doubts. If not addressed properly and timely, they can cause serious misunderstanding and kill away love from a beautiful relationship. Keeping secrets, lessening the frequency of communication, telling lies or ignoring feelings of the other can make long distance relationships vulnerable. Talk to each other and let your heart open to amicably solve issues before they spoil the essence of your relationship.

  1. Ensure To Spend Some Time With Family & Friends Too

Ensure To Spend Some Time With Family & Friends Too

Maintaining effective lines of communication is essential for every long distance relationship but spending excessive time with each other can make you feel awkward in social functions and you may even feel difficult to handle relationships with your family members. Understand that people close to you apart from your partner are also an integral part of your life and are entitled to your love and care too. Spend some time with them and pursue your hobbies too so that you feel fit, healthy and happy from inside out.

  1. Plan Impromptu Meetings

Plan Impromptu Meetings

No gift or letters can match up to the happiness that is derived from meeting in person. Plan impromptu meetings or meet by planning vacations together so that your online chemistry will get a new boost. Start saving money for such meetings and ensure that you make every moment special for your special one.

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