11 Major Causes Of Dark Circles

Reasons for Dark Circles

Dark circles can completely ruin your beauty. It can occur to anybody regardless of skin type or age. When you have dark circles, your skin automatically looks dull and lifeless. You look stressed even if you are feeling refreshed. Further, if you have puffy eyes too, then it will start making you feel uncomfortable while dealing with people.

People try to use more of make-up and concealers to hide the dark circles and puffy eyes, but layers of make-up can hamper your skin texture in the long run. You even go for facials and scrubs at spas and saloons for treating dark circles but to your utter dismay, you don’t see positive and long lasting results. You even purchase expensive foreign made stuff by believing on the brand endorsements, but they may not be actually apt for curing your cause of dark circles.

To be true, the perfect cure for dark circles has not been developed yet by medical science and you can’t keep on experimenting chemical products on the hyper-sensitive under eye area. When the reasons are totally internal, then finding the right solution is even more difficult. It is always advised to visit the dermatologist to know your cause of dark circles and they are in a better position to provide a viable solution. If you suffer from dark circles, then you need to read these 11 major causes of dark circles before trying out any kind of treatment:

  1. Genes

Yes its true. Genes play an important role in causing dark circles. If your ancestors suffered from this problem, then chances are high that you will too suffer from dark circles. Treatment in such a case is quite complex.

  1. Age

As you age your skin becomes thinner and loses the elasticity you had while you were younger. The thin skin makes blood vessels appear prominently in the area causing dark circles.

  1. External Damage To The Under-Eye Skin

The skin under your eye is highly sensitive. When you accidentally suffer from bruises on the eye area or rub that area frequently, then your skin loses elasticity and may cause dark circles. So avoid rubbing the area if you feel itching or irritation. Use a cotton ball to gently massage that area.

  1. Medication

If you are under medication for a long period of time, then you may suffer from dark circles. This is because certain medicines lead to hormonal changes in the body and your blood vessels may dilate under the eyes. Later on, this causes dark circles.

  1. Stress

Rising stress levels among youngsters have emerged as one of the major causes of dark circles. When you are constantly stressed, then it shows on your skin through dark circles. Keep off dark circles by managing your stress effectively and you can frequently massage your under eye area with aloe vera extracts.

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  1. Inadequate Sleep

If you don’t sleep adequately for 7 to 8 hours persistently, then your face may show signs of fatigue and insufficient sleep in the form of dullness and dark circles under the eyes.

  1. Lack Of Healthy Food

If you are highly dependent on junk food that is devoid of nutrition, then you must immediately switch towards eating healthy diet filled with dairy and poultry products, green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetable salads, etc. Lack of food rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can show on your skin in the form of dark circles.

  1. Smoking & Alcohol

You already know it that consumption of alcohol and smoking is slowly killing you. It is not only bad for your health but also shows its impact on your skin. Excessive smoking and alcohol makes your under eye skin thinner and the appearance of blood vessels make the dark circles more prominent. More of caffeinated drinks too have similar effect.

  1. Dehydration

You need to keep your body hydrated every time to keep yourself healthy and to flaunt a beautiful skin. If you are not drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, then you are much more prone to suffer from the problem of under eye dark circles.

  1. Hormonal Changes

In women, menstruation, pregnancy and post pregnancy causes changes in hormones that has many effects on their bodies. One of these effects is dark circles and treatment in such a case is generally typical in nature.

  1. Not Removing Eye Make Up

Ladies out there, you must really ensure that you completely take off your make up before you head to bed. If you have a fetish for eye make up, then make sure to clean it off with a mild cleanser and cotton ball and then gently massage your under eye area with a good moisturiser. If you fail to remove your make up properly, then you may face the problem of dark circles.

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