15 Common Traits Of Genuine People

Genuine People

We people always try to get genuine people to stay connected be it building a business, or starting a new relationship, making a new friend circle. The reason is genuine people are actual, real, sincere and honest from inside and outside too. Being genuine is a very rare quality in the world of phony fads, median and technology hype where most people walk wearing a mask. And with this huge populated world it is quite difficult to discern the genuine and real people. Genuine people never fake because they are genuine and have nothing to fake. It’s true that recognizing genuine people from thousands of fake fads is quite tough but let’s make it little easier fir you. Here are some real traits of genuine people you need to know. Read on..

1. They respond to their internal expectations over external ones

Internal expectations and needs like dreams, goals, passion, responsibility and honesty are what they love to respond and work on to improve their personality and life. They don’t get distracted and attracted by money, wealth and BMW cars.

2. They speak their mind

Genuine people are expressive, they define their thoughts and opinions in a well manner. They never fear to share what they feel and think with the world. They never hold themselves back to express their words and thoughts as they believe their opinion and views would be helpful for others.

3.They make their own ways

Genuine people are different from others hence they don’t simply follow others blindly. They don’t follow others path and ways, rather they choose to make their own way to get success and achieve goals.

4. They don’t fear failure

The most real trait of genuine people is facing and accepting failure to move forward to win success. They believe that failure is a part of life and a positive factor towards success. Hence, genuine people don’t fear failure.

5. They are not judgemental

People who are genuine never judge others on the basis of false statements made by others or their sudden thoughts. They try to understand people closely and discern them personally before getting to a conclusion and making an impression about them.

6. They admit their faults

As genuine people don’t fear failure, they never feel embarrassed to admit their faults and mistakes too. If they find out that they have committed a mistake then they feel free and fearless to admit their fault.

7. They protect their self-esteem

Genuine people don’t let others to bruise their self-esteem. They respect others and respect themselves the most. Their self-esteem is their confidence and most essential factor of their personality which they protect at any cost.

8. They don’t seek attention

Another trait of genuine people which is genuine itself is not seeking attention of others. As they are totally natural they don’t fake anything, they don’t expect others to give them attention. They don’t rely on others’ thought for them hence they do not brag for themselves.

9. They don’t care what people think about them

Genuine people don’t give a shit what others think about them. They simply do what they feel right and justified. They love to be loved but if not it’s not a big deal for them.

10. They love the way they are

As I said genuine people love themselves and respect their self-esteem and own views. They are totally natural hence they love the way they are which is very important in this world before loving others.

11. They do what they say

Well, these kind of people are the man of words. They just don’t say words that they don’t really mean. Before advising others and expressing their views they cultivate their own thoughts and views and do what they say.

12. They accept all kind of criticism

Genuine people never fear negativity. They are so lively and natural that they attract positivity and even have the power of extracting positive intentions from negative words and criticism. This is the most noble trait of genuine people.

13. They offer and accept compliments

Genuine people are totally not fake hence they compliment others when they actually mean it and even accept compliments that are true and not fake.

14. They find happiness in small things

People who are genuine don’t wait for Christmas, or their salary to go for shopping to be happy. They find happiness in little natural things like dancing in rain, enjoying morning coffee, playing with kids.

15. They are not materialistic

Genuine people can’t be weighed on the basis of wealth and materials. They are totally not materialistic as money is not their priority, rather money is their need for basic things to survive.

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