20 Amazing Uses of Aluminium Foil That You Never Knew

Home Uses of Aluminium Foil
We already know aluminium foils are one of the most essential kitchen stuffs as they are super versatile, recyclable and come handy when you need to wrap your food. Those shiny thin sheets are commonly found in almost every one’s kitchen cabinet however I can bet you there are many other super amazing uses of aluminium foil that you probably don’t know. Besides keeping your delicious food fresh for a long time, aluminium foil sheets can also be used for sharpening, scrubbing, cleaning, home decorating and many more. Let’s get to the long list of the clever yet amazing uses of aluminium sheets.

1. Polishing tarnished silver jewellery

Silver jewellery and artifacts get rusted and tarnished usage laps, hence cleaning and polishing silvery jewellery and objects becomes essential. To restore the shinning feature of silver jewellery you can place the silver objects in a vessel with aluminium sheet at the bottom pouring hot or boiling water and adding few tablespoons of baking soda. Soak the silver objects for few hours and viola! You get the shine back!

2. Scrubbing rusty metals

Metals become rusty over time and needs regular cleaning. Scrubbing pads and steel scrubbers are good over rust but not for your hands. To clean the rust from metals such as steel utensils, kitchen faucets, bathroom fittings simply take one standard sheet of aluminium foil and crush it making it a ball and scrub over the rusty sections.

3. Sealing plastic food pouches

So you have opened a plastic pouch but storing it for future can lead to spoilage. No worries, as you can seal your any plastic food pouches from now just by place the mouth the pouch over a 2 inches wide aluminium sheet and fold it covering the mouth and press the iron over it seal it making it airtight.

4. Make batteries work

You can fix loose batteries in your remotes and electronic devices. If you want to use AAA batteries in the place of AA batteries you just need to put some foil on the side of the battery sockets which is an easy peasy amazing use of aluminium foil you can ever get.

5. Used for curling up hair

Curling hair is now a part of beauty care regime these days. Curling, ironing, straightening hair is usually done with hair styling tools but they are not hassle free. For quick curling of your dead straight hair simply curl up your hair sections with your finger and slip it in a foil sheet to fold and iron it. Damn! You got beautiful curls and waves.

6. Used for colouring and bleaching hair

Colouring hair strands and bleaching hair are common when it’s about hair styling. But the process is real messy when you try it at home. When you’re super busy and there’s no time for hitting salon you still can colour your hair with no mess. Simply pick your selected sections or chunks of hair you wanna highlight or colour, place it straight over an aluminium sheet colour the entire chunks of hair and cover the entire sheet by folding it into thin strands without any mess! Simple, isn’t it?

7. Keep bananas fresh for long days

Bananas are very common and found in every one’s kitchen pantry. Best fruit option for breakfast but bananas tend to get brown and dark when kept more than 4-5 days. However, we tend to buy bananas in bulk so storage gives us hard time. To keep bananas fresh for long days simply cover the stem of the banana bunch with foil crushing it properly and tight.

8. Scrubbing pans

Scrubbing dishes and pans become very tough when you cook some really hard stained food as they tend to burn a little at the bottom of the pan. Scrubbing them with steel pads cause bruises on your hands and fingers. To scrub rough stained pans and dishes crush some foil paper to make a ball shape and scrub it with some dish soap.

9. Sharpening your scissors

Can you ever imagine your life without hacks. Another super hack with the help of aluminium foil is you can sharpen your scissors by just taking a sheet folding it 4-5 layers and cut it with your scissors to get the sharpness back.

10. Slide heavy furniture easily

Another amazing use of aluminium foil is you can slide furniture all around your home without scratching your floor and creating any heavy irritating sound. Simply slip a foil paper under the furniture’s leg and pull it or slide it any way you want.

11. Iron both sides of clothes simultaneously

Ironing your clothes is a tough work. It not only takes your time but also your patience. When you iron one side of your cloth, it’s not necessary the other side would be crease free. But if you place a big sheet of aluminium foil under your clothes and iron it both sides would be simultaneously ironed without any crease on lower side.

12. Reheat pizza or any leftover food

Getting rid of left over foods is like impossible. But heating the leftover food when you don’t have micro-oven is really tough. Because reheating the food might affect the taste and texture such as some crispy foods, pan cakes, pizza etc. But it can be simple just by placing your food over the foil on the bottom of any pan you want to use.

13. Removing static from clothes and dryer

Static current in clothes and the dryer is very common and it is really scary. To make your clothes static free, drop a crushed ball of aluminium foil into the dryer while washing your clothes or rinsing them.

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14. Cleaning oven

Ovens become stained when you grill or bake any food especially because of the vapour mixed with oil. The repeated heating causes rough stains in the wall of the oven and even the floor of the oven. You can stick some aluminium sheets in the walls and floor of oven with the help of glue tapes to avoid staining.

15. Cleaning grill

The most tough work is cleaning the grills because when you grill your juicy chicken and fish your grill gets heavily and roughly stained. It burns at real high temperature to make the stain hard, greasy and even sticky. To clean the grill easily, take a sheet of aluminium foil and crush it making a ball and rub it all over the grill. You can soak the grill in a water tub or vessel with baking soda in it to avoid the roughness and stickiness.

16. Luring fishes

Fishes under water get attracted to shiny things as they interpret them as shiny little shrimps. An amazing use of aluminium foil is stick few pieces of aluminium sheets crushing them in the fishing rod hook and enjoy your fishing day.

17. Strengthening WiFi signal

If you’re tired of your poor WiFi signal try this amazing hack. Simply put a aluminium sheet at the back of the router folding it little making it curve and get the best ever WIFI strong signal.

18. Nail art designs

Nail arts are trending these days. Amazing tools are  being used to make your nail art look creative and beautiful. A very easy technique to make your simple nail shade look attractive, shiny and glittering is take a small piece of aluminium sheet and cut it into very tiny little pieces such as they create different shapes triangle or square and collect those few absolute pieces to place over your nails shades soon after applying the coat.

19. Saving door knobs from getting paint stained

Getting your home painted is the best thing to make your home look beautiful and lively. Painting walls, doors are must but that dripping paint drops over your door knobs and locks look really messy. To avoid that mess, simply cover the knobs and locks of your doors and windows with aluminium foil tightly to avoid them from getting stained.

20. Protecting pie crust

When you bake your pie their crusts tend to burn or get brown or black which gives a burt look to your beautiful pie. To avoid that burnt pie look, cover your pie crust with aluminium foil as it will also avoid the crust to over cook.

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