7 Things You Should & 7 Things You Shouldn’t Invest Your ‘Time’ On

Invest Your Time On

Since we all know time and tide waits for no man, yet most of us are hardly able to make full utilisation of those whopping 24 hours. Time is more precious than money as time once gone never comes back and it takes away our youth, energy and many opportunities that we could utilise to attain success in life. While most people are engaged in winning bread for their families, researchers have said that they still have around 8 hours in a typical day that goes underutilised.

Managing time is a skill that must be ingrained in your routine since childhood. If you have been lazying around for the first 15 years of your life, then you are prone to reciprocate the same in your future. Rather we must keep a count of how we utilise our time? How many tasks can be done in a stipulated period of time? What are the ways with which we can ensure optimum usage of time?

While we are so much busy in planning everything, we must actually know how to prowess in the art of managing time efficiently so that our productivity augments and we are able to attain content at the end of the day. There are various good and bad practices of managing time that needs to be analysed with this guide that states 8 things you should & 8 things you shouldn’t invest your time on:

  1. Focus More On Yourself Rather Than Involving In Matters Unrelated To You

There are numerous benefits of focusing on yourself. When you focus on yourself, you are able to take care of yourself and concentrate on matters relevant to you. You can get your aim on your goals and plan suitable actions to attain success in life. You learn to become independent and stop worrying about what people think of you. You keep yourself engrossed in your work and all your activities will be carried on seamlessly with the purpose of increasing productivity level.

You must stop giving heed to matters that hardly affect you and your working. If you start focusing on what is going on in others’ lives, then you will get entangled with their problems and you will start losing aim from your goals. In fact, if you keep noticing negativity around you, then your thought process will start attracting negative vibes. It will only create unhappiness and will make you less efficient. Don’t let your time go wasted by involving in activities that breaks your strengths.

  1. Ensure More Time For Family Instead Of Overworking

Your family members are the only ones who will stand with you during all times of happiness and troubles. You can ensure their presence whenever you need their support. They have been your motivators since your birth. So there is nothing wrong if they ask you to spare enough time for themselves. They appreciate your hard work and wish for your growth and success but not at the cost of neglecting them.

These days, rising competition has compelled people to give priority to their work or they will have to let go an upcoming promotion opportunity. But for working effectively and being productive, it is essential that you plan your day at work in advance and schedule your tasks as per deadlines and concentrate on chasing them. This is how you will be able to accomplish your day’s task within the standard working hours. Overworking not only shows inefficient time utilisation but also kills your personal space.

  1. Allot Time To Help Others & Don’t Chase Impossible Goals

Effective utilisation of time doesn’t mean to work in a robotic manner to complete your tasks and ignore people around you. While you spend so much of time in doing many non-productive work during the day such as taking a nap during coffee break or chatting with unknown people on social media sites, take some time out for people who need your help. Little act of kindness each day can surely give you a sound sleep at night. You emerge as a better human being, of course.

Most of us spend time in performing activities that give us nothing. Not even mental satisfaction. People run after goals that are impossible to achieve. They just want to satisfy their egos. They want to have the most expensive possessions and want to look most appealing of all. But they must know that there will always be people who will have better than what they have. So stop chasing impossible goals and focus on giving your help to people who deserve the most.

  1. Be Action Oriented Instead Of Being A Procrastination Expert

You don’t have to do anything to become an action oriented person. It is all in your psychology. You just have to be active and energetic. Your mind must be focused and your determination to attain your goals must be undeterred. You must maintain a list of your short term and long term goals and along with required actions to be taken for their achievement. If you do this task, then the list will ensure to keep you working.

On the other hand, the habit of procrastinating work will not let you know how the time passed uselessly. If you build this habit of delaying your work by lazying around and wasting time in involving yourself in non-productive discussions, then you will become gradually a master of procrastination. Such kind of people generally have to invest long hours in office as they are not action oriented to complete their tasks within the 8 hours. They obviously don’t enjoy a respectable position at workplace and even in society.

  1. Use Time To Read Books Rather Than Rotten The Mind By Watching TV

If you want to effectively utilise the available free time, then the best way is by upgrading your level of knowledge. Start reading books with positive and motivational content so that you give your mind the dosage of right energy vibes. This habit will definitely improve your thought process and will help you in becoming an empathetic person while introducing yourself to the real world.

Lately, people have ditched reading books for watching television for endless hours. As per a study, an average person spends about 9 years of his age watching this immense source of negativity. Whether it is news channels or soap operas, people get addicted mostly to the negative oriented shows and waste a major chunk of the time that could have been affirmatively used in broadening your mind’s outlook.

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  1. Take Time To Build Good Habits Instead Of Spending Time Recklessly

Cultivating good habits will be make your life happier. Habits such as waking up early, preparing to-do list, exercising, eating healthy food, spending time with family, reading books, working hard for achieving goals, etc., will help in guiding you to smartly create your identity in this competitive world. They will enhance your productivity while enabling you to make wise choices in life, which in turn will save your time and money.

Spending time and money recklessly is a symbol of lack of discipline and inefficiency in life. You must know how difficult it is to earn money. Stop inculcating in yourself the bad habit of spending outrageously on things that you don’t need but want to possess as it will exhaust all your savings and you may have to see tough times in future.

  1. Concentrate On Improving Well Being While Refraining From Getting Demotivated

Many successful people have stated that they did the mistake of not caring about their well being during their period of struggle due to which they are suffering from poor health condition despite being rich. So even if you are super busy in getting ahead in the race of becoming successful, don’t forget to get yourself a healthy lifestyle or the money flowing in will later be directed towards paying medical bills.

One of the biggest reasons why you suffer from lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, depression, heart disorders, etc is the stress that gets accumulated when you think too much about your failures. Worrying in fact, de-motivates you and it tends to shut down that creative side of your mind. Don’t waste time in getting discouraged over petty matters in life as your health will improve once you consider failure as the next challenge.

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