Amazing Things Gonna Happen When You Stop Giving A Fuck About What People Think?

Amazing things gonna happen

It’s really miserable, that we people care more about what others think rather caring about ourselves. From the moment we wake up in the morning till getting retired to bed at night, all of you get minimum 10 thoughts or even more that are concerned with what other people think. Just ask yourself, if you not doing this.

How and Why We Think About Others?

For example, if you ever mistakenly have put on your new T-shirt without detaching the price tag and go for a walk or a drive or somewhere else, and later notice that you forgot to cut off the price tag and wore it all day, the first thing that hits your mind is “Oh shit…everyone must have watched me as a big dumb. I am so stupid.” Am I wrong? Well, now just think, what’s the big deal in it if you spend your whole day wearing a T-shirt with the price tag hanging on it? Does it make you less as a person? or does it define your nature and attitude? Or does it hamper you anyway? If all your answers are negative then, why caring what other people think about us? The thing is it’s our mindset that whatever we do, we are being judged by people. However, the truth is in this “smartphone obsessed” society no one spends their precious time thinking of you, unless you owe them something. And even they think the exact same, what you thinking. So, we all, everyone are busy in thinking about each and other people in this society whom we don’t know even properly. So, stop thinking about people’s opinions and views for you which have actually no existence. “How this shirt going to make me look?”, “What people gonna think if I do this?”, all these bullshit concerns are of no use to very frank. Rather start being concerned about yourselves and you will be experiencing some amazing things happening in your life. Let’s check out the reasons to stop giving a damn fuck about what other think..

1. More energy will be restored when we stop refining and filtering our words and actions

When you stop caring about others and adapting yourself according to the judgments of social people, you will gain more energy to enhance yourself, your personality, your personal developments and relationships, which usually get wasted when you think about others.

2. You make your own damn rules

When there are no strings attached, you will be carefree and will make your own rules, living your life according to your choice, your priorities and your thoughts.

3. You interact with those people whom you want

You stop caring and pleasing everyone. If someone appreciates you, you interact with them being good and decent and those who dislike you, it doesn’t matters to you. Hence, you attract people who are good for you and discard who are not. Simple as that!!

4. You become different and attractive

The carefree and jovial people are very few in our society. But, they are the most happiest people as compared to the people who think more about others. Your carefree attitude could make you more attractive and unique from others. You will be confident and more successful in your life.

5. You will have dealings with yourself only

You will forget about others, will spend more time in pleasing yourself. Don’t ever think that you are being selfish as you are the centre of your universe, so you have to make yourself happy and content to make your loved ones happy. And let me tell you, you can’t ever impress and please everyone out there.

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6. You will be a free bird

Yes, you will be a free bird, free of bondages, conservative thoughts, fear of failures and social concerns. You will rule your world as will be yourself.

7. You will be independent

You don’t have to rely on others for seeking happiness. You will be happy from inside and will make your own unique and wacky ways to be happy.

8. Interaction will be more engaging

When you become outcome-independent which means you don’t give a shit about the conclusion and don’t even try to impress others, you will find every interaction interesting and engaging. You will be total cool person, just having fun indulging in every interactions and conversations.

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9. People will get attracted towards you

Your happy-go-lucky and super cool personality will attract many people towards you as they will feel more comfortable with you. They would be knowing that nothing matters to you and you will never try to impress them, hence they will find you more friendlier and even will try to impress you.

10. You will break the autopilot pattern

When people will notice you more jovial and carefree as you will attract success and people towards you, somewhere they too will be realizing the same and will start not caring about other people, which might lead to a chain reaction transforming this “thinking about other people” society into carefree and independent society.

So, fellas, stop giving a damn shit about what people think about you, your words, your thoughts and your activities. All that matters in this super hi-tech and ultra busy world is making yourself feel better and independent. Stop living life dictated by others, as whatever you do no one really cares. And remember, the people don’t give a fuck about others, are the ones who rule and change this world.


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