Why Most People Stay In Bad Relationships?

Bad Relationships     

Relationships are always based on trust, loyalty, love, understanding and space. Healthy relationships comprises all of these above factors and lasts for long. However, bad relationships lack these crucial factors and still breathe and survive. Despite of no love, understanding, trust, loyalty and space, bad relationships are made to outlast willy-nilly. Many people feel impelled to stay in their unhealthy relationship no matter how harsh and painful it is. Some feel their unhealthy relationship is normal despite of all complications and some feel bound to survive due to some wrong reasons. Unhealthy relationships not only harm your mental peace, your self respect, dignity and life but also your innocent kids and their decency. When your kids grow up in unhealthy parenthood and environment their mind gradually starts accepting your complicated relationship as the normal relationship and hence they find it tough to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships. Reasons why people tend to stay in unhealthy and bad relationships? Here are they..

Financial Security

Being financially dependent on your partner and believing that without money and basic needs your life will be doomed is somewhat like killing yourself with a slow poison. You might not have the lavish and luxurious lifestyle to survive but at least you will have the self respect and dignity to spend your rest of the life out of a bad and unhealthy relationship.

Unsure Fears

I believe that the fear is one of the real enemies of a person. You have a life and you need to live it with self-esteem and dignity. Fear is a just a matter of your unsure and unclear doubts which have no base and reality. Fear that your kid will have to suffer with a single parent, fear that you will never ever find a soul mate to spend the rest of the life, fear that you will face financial crisis, fear that you will have to pay for being separated. All these fears hold you to take the right decision and hence you start living normally in an abnormal relationship.

Marital Conflicts are Normal

Abuse, physical torture, mental torture, constant brawls and fights all these are totally not normal. People tend to think that every relationship has to endure some rough patches hence they ignore these early signs and accept to live with it. But consistent abuse, fights and torture are never ever the factors of a healthy relationship.

Physical Relationship

Don’t matters if you are in a marriage relationship or living relationship, after physical intimacy most people want to live with their same partner. Most women and girls after getting into a physical relationship gets serious about their partner and hence they make up their mind to stay with their partner even if its not a healthy and honest relationship.

Guilt Feeling

When your love becomes unconditional you start feeling guilt of yourself as you think you are not capable of giving enough love and care to your partner. That guilt makes you bound to stay in the relationship to figure things out, sort out messed up things and make a new start.

Parenting & Pregnancy

The most common and probable reason of staying in a bad and false relationship. Women for the sake of their kids and their future security tend to stay mum and continue living with their unfaithful partner despite of all complications. Pregnancy creates a fear of nurturing their baby in future and their life security and single parenting is not that easy to give a healthy and secured lifestyle to the kids hence is the most common and strongest reason of continuing with bad relationship.

Change for Better

After getting the knowledge of the weak and invalid relationship, people tend to give a chance to their partners to change for better. They think that their love could change that person and will restore their previous happy and blissful relationship.

Honesty & Hope

Honest people are the most strongest people in this world. They have the power and ability of achieving the toughest goal. These people are kind and hopeful. And put their every single possible effort not to lose hope in mending their broken relationships. Their loyalty, honesty and hope makes them stick to the unhealthy relationship.

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Monophobia is the fear of being alone. Some people are afraid of being apart from a particular person. When people stay in a relationship for a long time, then a bad and unhealthy relationship starts haunting them and hence they desperately want to be in that relationship no matter how painful or agonizing it is.

True Love

Love is the most strongest and weakest factor of a relationship. Unhealthy and false relationship starts a slideshow of lovely and peaceful memories of the relationship. Some people get so much moved and overwhelmed by the past best memories that they opt of staying with that person till the end of their life.

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