Common Traits of Fake Friends

Avoiding Fake Friends

“Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.” Yes real friends are tough to find as these days real good friends are often mistaken as fake friends and vice versa. It’s better to have an enemy who honestly hates you than to have a friend who secretly puts you down. Life has become more dependent on social media and internet these days where we have more than 300 friends and there are very few of them who are our real true friends. And gradually we all are realizing that it is less important to have lots of friends and more important to have one real friend. Yeah, it’s kind of a tough job to recognize fake friends out of the good ones, but there are some traits in fake friends that will help you to spot them and to stay away from them.

1. Fake friends are real selfish

The first and foremost trait found in fake friends is being selfish. They are highly selfish. They keep themselves stuck with you until they get benefited from you in any way, be it money, or fame or any personal help. Fake friends show themselves up at their time of need and make excuses when you need them.

2. Fake friends gossip a lot about others

If you have a friend in your friend circle who talks and gossips a lot about others behind their back, then he/she probably must be talking behind your too. These people are like fun absorbers who enjoy faking things about all behind their back.

3. Fake friends never insult and embarrass you in front of others

Friends having fun, insulting and talking in f*** language is all acceptable in a friends circle and is real fun. But when friends consistently embarrass you in front of other people even when you try or beg them to stop that means those friends never care about you and your image. They are fake friends.

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4. Fake friends are liars

Fake friends easily and confidently lie about anything even could lie about you. They always lie to give you an excuse. But if you ever get to know or caught them while lying, then you need to back up. You are not in a healthy friendship, so better stay away from fake liar friends.

5. Fake friends get jealous of your success

True friends never gave this trait in them as they feel proud and happy when you succeed in something. They are the most happiest person after your parents for your success. But fake friends can’t digest your betterment, development and success.

6. Fake friends never give you time

True friends always get by your side anytime anywhere you need them. They never come up with any kind of excuse when you really need them. Bt fake friends ignore you most of the time and they even ignore you more when you seek help. They avoid hanging around with you, or spending some friend’s time with you most of the time.

7. Fake friends need reminder to wish you on your birthday

Fake friends always skip important dates even your birthdays and need reminder to wish you on time. But real friends are acquainted with you and your special dates.

8. Fake friends break their promises

Real friends give their every possible effort to keep their promises no matter whatever it takes to fulfil it. But fake friends do false promises to gain benefits and even break their promises without feeling any bad.

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9. Fake friends never respect what you like

Fake friends mostly try to take out some flaws and even make fun of your field of interest. They never respect what you like be it art galleries, or musical concerts or book fairs. They make fun of your values and interests by making you feel low.

10. Fake friends try to change you

True friends bring good changes not directly or forcibly but they make you feel the importance of rest good things in life. Hence they help you to develop and improve yourself, but fake friends try to make you like them, if you are a non-drinker they impel you to drink or even make you indulge in drugs and all bad activities.

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