Best Contraceptive Methods For Men

Best Contraceptive Methods For Men

Birth control is one of the most crucial issue for every young and ambitious couples in a relationship. This issue is something about which many people feel coy to ask and take advises from the experienced persons or the physicians. Contraceptive methods will always be in the mind of couples to avoid and unwanted and unplanned pregnancy and to prevent STD’s too. However, there are various birth control methods available in  stores and hospitals too both for women and men. But, before opting any kind of contraceptive methods it is advisable to consult your doctor to get assured. There are many contraceptive methods for men and each method has different level of effectiveness and uses. However, all contraceptive methods are not 100% safe when it comes to birth control as they have got some percentage of risk factors involved in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Here are some of the best contraceptives available for men.

1. Condoms

These are the most popular and familiar form of contraceptive that are easy to get and use. It is highly demanded and effective with very low failure chances when used properly with precautions. The best pleasures of intimate love can be enjoyed with various types of condoms which makes it a popular choice as contraceptive.

2. Abstinence

Abstaining is a method of contraceptive that is 100% effective. This method is easier and requires high will power from both the partners in the relationship to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Sexual intercourse is a crucial part of any healthy relationship and abstaining from being intimate needs a lot of effort. To sustain sex drives one can go for sex toys in order to avoid direct intercourse with partners or mutual masturbation to avoid actual penetration.

3. Vasectomy

This method one of the best contraceptive methods for men as it is a surgical procedure that blocks the ‘vas deferens’. However, vasectomy can sometimes be reversed and it’s not always possible. Vasectomy is considered a permanent method of birth control.


RISUG is a procedure of reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance and more than 250 men have undergone this procedure. This method is cheaper and more reversible alternative to vasectomy. In this method, a liquid polymer is injected into the vas deferens where it provides contraception for up to ten years. In the duct, the positively charged polymer acts almost like a magnet, reacting with the negative electrical charge on the membranes of passing sperm and pronouncing them infertile.

5. Vasalgel

Inspired by RISUG, this method involves a similar polymer, dubbed Vasalgel, which is developed in US with rabbit research now underway to meet Food and Drug Administration standards.

6. Outercourse

This is one method that can be used by men to avoid pregnancy to their partner. It involves the love making except the actual penetration. This prevents chances of pregnancy by 100% and is quite similar to abstinence.

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7. Withdrawal technique

This method is also known as ‘pull out’ method, which has 4% failure rate. It is a technique that involves ejaculating outside the vagina by pulling out or withdrawing the penis at the moment of ejaculation. This prevents sperm to release inside the vagina and from entering to fertilise the egg and hence, it is a best preferred contraceptive method for men.

8. Safe period

Tracking women period cycle to predict safe periods and abstaining from intercourse during the other fertile period in menstrual cycle of every month that helps in reducing risk of pregnancy. Men can have sex with their partner during those fertile periods using protections like condom or use withdrawal method.

9. Clean Sheets Pill

This is a hormone-free method called as “clean sheets pill” because it decreases or removes semen emission while leaving intact the sensation of ejaculation and the exact pleasure of male orgasm. This pill works by relaxing just the muscles of vas deferens that usually propel sperm-containing semen forward and out. And without the forward propulsion, circular muscle contractions close down the passage. Hence, reducing or removing emission of semen not only prevents pregnancy, it also decreases the semen-born diseases, including HIV.

10. JQ1

JQ1 is like familiar drugs, Valium and Xanax, but it has some different effect. Instead of bringing on sleep or lowering anxiety, it actually blocks the production of a protein in the testes that is necessary for sperm growth. This contraceptive method for men is actually tested in mice on research, the number of sperm takes a nose dive, and those that are produced stop swimming very well, which makes the mice infertile. However, sex drive remains unaltered, and after the drug effect, sperm production rapidly returns to normal behaviour.]

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11. Testosterone and Progestin

This method if injected or absorbed by the skin, testosterone changes hormonal messaging and reduces sperm production. When combined with a progesterone and rubbed on in gel form, the daily application has effectively reduced sperm concentration in almost 90 percent of men, with less or no side effects.

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