How Men Deal With Depression?

Men With Depression

Depression could be energy and hope draining. Depression is seen more in women than men. And unlike women, men exhibit some depression signs in very different manner. Depression not only makes you feel down but also affects your mood, motivation and self-esteem negatively. But in our “men don’t cry” society boys and men are usually not expected and allowed to show their emotions, but depression could strike on anyone and men are humans too. So, our lads manifest their emotions in a little different way. Let’s read on how men deal with depression and stress?

1. Fatigue

Depressed men undergo a series of physical and emotional changes which causes fatigue and psychomotor retardation which is the slowing down of physical movements, thought process and speech. According to the recent study of University of Alabama men experience more fatigue as compared to depressed women.

2. Loss of appetite

Men in depression experience lack of appetite which makes them to eat less. They undergo severe lack of hunger which makes them less interested in eating and food.

3. Lose weight

Depressed men who get less interested in eating and hunger they experience drastic loss in their weight and some due to loss of appetite suffer serious health problems.

4. Sleep less or more

Men when get depression or stressed then tend to sleep less to deal with depression. Their anxiety makes them less sleepy and hence they suffer insomnia and many sleep related health issues. However, some people use to sleep more due to their constant depression which makes them addicted to sleep to get rid of anxiety and stress.

5. Lose interest in sex

Lose of appetite, less or more sleep induces serious health problems and clouds their mind with more stress and depression. Hence depressed men find no excitement in sexual relationship which makes them to lose interest in sex.

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6. More aggression

Men who suffer from depression become more aggressive as they easily get angry. They lose their control of their emotions which makes them more prone to anger and aggression.

7. Get easily irritated

Men deal with depression by losing control over emotions results to irritability. Constant changes in mood creates a distinct disturbance in the brain which makes them more irritable. Irritability in men often leads to frustration and drastic anger.

8. Loss of interest

Men when feel like no interest in doing their favourite activities which they use to do before this is a clear sign that they are in depression. Even their best sports, movies, hobbies don’t attract them as they severely suffer from lose of interest.

9. Alcohol

When men lose interest in everything, one thing they find much better thing to cope up with their depression is alcohol consumption. They get controlled by their urge of alcohol consumption and lose their mental peace and balance.

10. Drug addiction

Men who exhibit different symptoms of depression go for heavy medication and some get addicted to drugs to deal with depression. Drugs even worsen their mental condition and situation for which they become a serious victim of drug addiction.

11. Health issue

Health issues like diarrhea, chronic stomach pain, back pain, and joint pain are common health issues of depressed men. Some men even get easily exhausted and tired due to depression.

12. Loss of concentration

When men suffer depression they easily lose concentration and focus on everything especially at work. Thus, loss of concentration leads to less or poor productivity.

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13. Suicidal attempts

When nothings works better, the fear and stress on mind compels men in depression to finish their life committing suicide. They lose hope, motivation, strength and zest of living life, hence they decide to sign off from life permanently.

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