Deepika Padukone Filmfare Magazine Photoshoot 2017

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Words wouldn’t be ample to write about our Bollywood ruling queen-actress Deepika Padukone who has not only set her remarkable footprints on Bollywood but also is fully geared up to be the most remarkable actress in Hollywood too. The recently released Hollywood flick XXX-Return of Xander Cage featured our own Bollywood ‘Mastani’ Deepika Padukone for her debut role opposite Vin Diesel. And DeePee never fails to surprsise her fans and followers when it’s about her beauty and looks. Deepika has lately worked for Filmfare Magazine Photoshoot 2017 for the February edition. Deepika is simply killing it on the cover of Filmfare Magazine with her mesmerizing beauty for the athleisure inspired photoshoot. Let’s have a close glance at the iconic actress sizzling photoshoot.

Deepika sizzling the cover page of Filmfare Magazine with an eye soothing poise donned in a nude bikini with a denim jacket over it plunging partially from her left shoulder which is making the cover page stunning.

Deepika Padukone Filmfare Magazine 2017

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