Detoxify Your Body In These 5 Amazing Ways

Detoxify Your Body In These 5 Amazing Ways

The sedentary lifestyle is the very reason for the lack of physical activities, inadequate sleep, increase in stress levels and rise in the consumption of unhealthy foodstuffs, which ultimately has caused a sharp surge in the percentage of people suffering from lifestyle diseases. Leading such kind of lifestyle without compromising on our health, requires small efforts and bit of amendment too. Since we are what we eat, we must adopt the idea of cleansing our digestive system regularly to eliminate toxins that can be the potential causes for various health disorders.

However, if you seriously want to get rid of the toxins but don’t really like the idea of following hardcore diets or consuming laxatives or some tonics, then there are various such foods and lifestyle habits that can improve your digestion and metabolic system. Here are 5 amazing ways to detoxify your body that will help in fulfilling your health goals:

1. Fiber Is Your Digestive System’s Best Friend

Fiber Is Your Digestive System’s Best Friend

Lack of fiber in the diet is the major reason for constipation and poor digestion of food. Fiber helps in supporting normal bowel function, helps in cleansing the mucus lining of the intestines while increasing the bulk and softness of the stools. Starting your day with whole grains that are rich in fiber such as whole wheat, brown rice, oats, wild rice, buckwheat, millet, etc., can refill your energy levels and can ensure smooth functioning of the digestion process, which further results in timely and regular disposal of toxins.

2. Consume More Fruits & Vegetables

Consume More Fruits & Vegetables

Having more processed or unhygienic foods and readymade foodstuffs loaded with preservatives / artificial colours / artificial flavours is yet another reason for digestive disorders and slow metabolism. You must strive to consume at least three servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in raw form everyday to keep your digestive system in best condition. Substitute your unhealthy snacks with fruits and have light dinner two to three hours before heading to bed. This can be followed by fruits to avoid bloating, gastric disorders and constipation. Fruits and vegetables like carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, lettuce, green beans, blueberries, bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes, potatoes, etc. are highly beneficial in cleansing the digestive system and regulating its functioning.

3. Incorporate More Probiotic Foods

Incorporate More Probiotic Foods

Healthy bacteria can help in restoring poor digestive health and this is why foods rich in live micro-organisms such as probiotics must be consumed every day. The probiotic bacteria aids in supporting immune system, reduces inflammation, helps in eliminating harmful bacteria from the gut. While probiotics are easily available in the form of supplements, one can even consume yogurt, kim chi, kefir, kvas and fermented vegetables. These power foods work great to detoxify your body.

4. Increase Your Fluid Intake

Increase Your Fluid Intake

Water, shakes, soups, fruit juices, etc. must be consumed to ensure that body’s fluid levels are maintained. Lack of adequate water intake is also a vital reason for improper digestion. To detoxify your body, if you start consuming more of fiber rich foods along with fruits and vegetables, then it becomes very essential to consume at least 10 to 12 glass of water a day. In fact, the colour of your urine is the best indicator of your health. While pale yellow urine is considered as a signal of enough liquid presence in the body, dark colour urine may indicate lack of sufficient water. However, this may also be dependent on the diet or other health conditions. But having more water, herbal or green teas, fruit juices, lemon water, etc. are vital for ensuring timely elimination of the toxin build-up.

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5. Beans, Legumes & Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Beans, Legumes & Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Wild salmon, herring, mackerel, anchovies, etc. are rich source of omega 3 fatty acids and for people consuming only vegetarian foodstuffs, flax seeds are enormous source of these fatty acids. The flax seeds are wonderful combination of soluble and insoluble fiber and enables in restoring health of people suffering from loose stools or constipation. These seeds are consumed after being ground to powder and added to foodstuffs. Even split yellow, green peas and lentils are highly digestive and requires less time in soaking. Having a bowl of mix boiled legumes and beans in breakfast twice or thrice a week can significantly detoxify your body and improve your metabolism.

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