Don’t Miss These Factors Before You Get Married

Don’t miss these factors before you get married

Tying the knot without any consideration of a personal wish-list is surely not your game-plan. All productive marriages feature two thinking partners having their proud moments before moving on to take their next plunge. So, why not you! Spell out your own things to do before wearing on the marital tag.  Some of the pre-marital tryouts are:

1. Have a Heart break

It is truly said that experience makes a man wiser and surely it holds true here also.  Tackling a breakup makes you learn in a sensible way the costly mistakes before you get married and not repeat them again. You will also realize never to treat love lightly.

2. Take a fling at Online Dating

You will rediscover your positives once again and your overall impressiveness too!

3. Be in Love at least twice

It’s you who needs to figure out the type of link-up or the life-partner you are looking for. So make a fast move and have your personal assessment.

4. Go on a trip with your would-be spouse

It is easy to adjust with a person for a week, but you should test whether you can withstand one another for an entire month, combating travel issues, which was noted by my clever just married friend and to which I agreed. As said by a woman “It let me emerge as a more powerful individual but also made me understand not to accept love as assumed.

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5. Line up your finances

It’s a good idea to organize your credit and perform a few sacrifices in order that your would be husband doesn’t need to bear the weight of budgeting errors made in your single life. Besides it also offers you peace of mind.

6. Discuss your finances with your prospective spouse

Determine your position on long & short-term objectives and spending or saving. Based on your willingness to be flexible on certain issues, financial issues can be great dampeners in marital joy  or far more worse, deal breakers.

7. Stay Alone

Don’t team up with roommates. Autonomy is great and as a latest bride said, having stayed alone renders you thankful towards the contributions of your spouse after their inclusion in the picture.

8. Be extravagant with yourself

You should engage in minimum one great blowout tussle with your prospective spouse followed by a patch up. It’s comforting to understand that you can achieve it.

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9. Seriously consider your bank balance

It wouldn’t  be surprising for you to know that money is the primary reason for divorce. Make your marriage lasting by putting your finances in shape prior to entering into wedlock. Take charge of your debt, and enter into the mode of saving ten percent of your monthly salary. Beginning early lets you earn extra money to spend for your special day.

10. Give top priority to your health

The best way to begin your married tenure is to keep in sound health by shedding extra weight in addition to any disgusting ailments such as STIs. Apart from looking finest in your wedding attire, you will also acquire confidence that diseases won’t upset your married life.

11. Explore the background of your partner

If  you want to organize your life prior to the big occasion of getting married, ensure your would be spouse is also. Be aware of the facts, particularly in the matter of finances & health, and mark out the problems which require redressal.  Ultimately, their issues are also yours with your signatures on marriage papers.

12. Get acquainted with in-laws

Ensure that your initial meeting with the partner of your family doesn’t fall on the day of wedding. Even if your new in-laws aren’t the most cherished people for you, you should be civil to the minimum as no one wants family drama.

13. Maintain a reproductive scheme

Ascertain whether your would be spouse and your views match in the matter of producing children. It’s just not practical to be eager for babies when your partner finds it repulsive &  vice-versa after nearly a year of marriage. When you’re unsure spend a few hours with the kids of companions & relatives.

So pamper yourself with these must-dos before you get married to prevent it from becoming a deal breaker.


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