8 Early Signs of Pregnancy You Need to Know

Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy marks a new beginning in any woman’s life and she goes through many mental and physical challenges to deliver a new life. The nine months of pregnancy are not the same for every pregnant woman in terms of how she feels during the phase. As per a medical research, no two women face the same symptoms of pregnancy despite sharing the same month or trimester.

In some cases, a pregnant woman doesn’t become aware of her condition months after bearing the child in her womb and in other cases, they even undergo labour without knowing they were pregnant all this time. In the first week of pregnancy, there are hardly any physical changes that you will notice. But there some internal changes, which may hint that you are pregnant. You may find these changes more prominent when your pregnancy gets confirmed.

Here are 8 early signs of pregnancy you need to know that will prompt you take a pregnancy test and enjoy the feeling of bearing your own child:

  1. Having Strange Dreams

Many medical experts believe that most women tend to dream a lot during the first week of pregnancy. You may yourself feel that you are encountering some strange dreams back to back in a single night. So the next time you are having such weird dreams, get yourself checked for other symptoms too.

  1. Bleeding

Of course not like the bleeding occurring during periods, but you may still witness some bleeding which is thinner than the menstrual blood. This kind of watery bleeding may be seen 6 to 12 days after conception.

  1. Fatigue

Your internal systems automatically pick up speed to take care of the foetus in the initial stage and there will be increased blood flow to provide the child with nutrients. This is what makes you feel extremely tired or exhausted soon after doing some physical tasks. Fatigue is thereby, one of the most common early signs of pregnancy and when your body is working hard to help the baby grow healthily inside the womb, you definitely need lots of rest.

  1. Recurring Headaches

In the first week after conception, a pregnant woman may face mild to severe headaches quite often. Since there is a surge in the body’s ability to pump more blood and even in the amount of secretions of hormones, there are lot of changes that can be felt via headaches.

  1. Metallic Taste In Mouth

Many gynaecologists are of the opinion that pregnant woman may sense a weird metallic taste in her mouth during first week of her pregnancy. If it is not accompanied by bad breath, then you must definitely not visit the dentist. Instead check with your gynaecologist as this taste might be a result of the triggered hormonal activities that has shot up due to the conception.

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  1. Mood Swings

Though mood swings are too common for any female, but the initial week will see a remarkable rise in the occurrence of mood swings. This is owing to the rise in the hormonal activities inside the body and this makes a woman feel extremely low and completely energetic within short span of time. You must definitely not ignore this most prevalent sign.

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  1. Appearance Of Spots In Skin

You may certainly dread this fact that there will some pigmentation spots in your facial or body skin hinting that you may be pregnant. The appearance of this dark spots is called melasma and is also a common sign in most pregnant woman. This is actually a sign of the increased sensitivity of the skin due to sun exposure and even because of the increased hormonal activities inside your body.

  1. Increased Frequency Of Urination

This one might seem quite a bothersome hint of pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your bodily systems naturally generate more fluids and even the functioning of your kidneys become hyperactive. At such juncture, your body starts producing a hormone called chorionic gonadotropin that improves the flow of blood to the pelvic area causing you to make frequent visits to the washroom.

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