Psychological Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction

Health experts say that 10% of men suffer erectile dysfunction due to which they miserably fail on bed due. And the reasons could be purely psychological. A recent study unveiled some surprising facts where some men who failed to satisfy their women highlighted about their disturbing childhood for their failure on bed. Yes, men who had been abused during their childhood usually undergo trauma and they may either turn derogatory or develop disinclination towards the bedroom act. Depression, anxiety, and stress may have dreadful effect on erectile function, and many of the medications are used to treat these problems. However, in most situations, once a man suffer erectile dysfunction, he develops psychogenic factors related to the anxieties that erectile dysfunction causes. Let’s find out the psychological reasons behind men’s impotence.

1. Traumatic sexual experience

Men who have gone through some disturbing sexual experience in their life tend to manifest weird attitude towards sex and sex related activities. It’s because they feel little tough while they get closer to sexual activities which remind them of their worse past.

2. Disturbed childhood

When a man is abused during his childhood, which is the most tender time period for a kid that needs utmost care, affection and love, he might get fear of the bedroom in his mind forever. This is one of the most important erectile dysfunction causes.

3. Loss of interest

Some men simply lose interest in romance due to many reasons like financial issues, stress or extreme poverty in which they try to stay far away from sexual relationships to get solitude.

4. Fear of being collapsed

Usually, beginners experience this fear. Those who don’t know how to begin or how to get in the flow, suffer from a fear of failure which might affect their sexual actions seriously and adversely.

5. Stress

Stress causes erectile dysfunction. When a human mind remains disturbed and unbalanced, it stops working properly and normally. Stress could originate from job issues or messy finances. When a man is continuously haunted by serious life issues he may not be able to perform on bed at all.

6. Feeling guilty

Due to extramarital affairs, usually men feel guilt in their heart which makes them cold. The feeling of regret and guilt makes men hard to confront their spouse.

7. Self-Respect issues

When a man fails repeatedly on bed, his self-respect gets hurt and loses the confidence level which may affect his sexual life henceforth.

8. Depression

Due to failed relationships, death of loved ones, financial problems, job instability men usually suffer from depression which makes them lose interest in romance and physical intimacy. This is another cause of erectile dysfunction.

9. Sexual Phobia

Some men also suffer from a serious medical condition that is the fear of sexual intimacy called genophobia which makes them go cold in feet and collapse on bed with partners.

10. Death of spouse

Sudden demise of spouse might develop a shock in the mind of any man which might leave him in a prolonged depression with solitude which makes them to avoid sexual relationships.



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