12 Things That Extremely Intuitive People Usually Do

extremely intuitive people love to do

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Intuition your inner sixth sense is not silly or not a myth but true and exists according to the scientific experiments. Intuition is your gut feeling which is always true and right and it never misguides you. Intuition always seems to be mystery and even if it’s true we usually ignore it. Albert Einstein said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.”  Intuition is the unconscious reasoning that impels us to do something without telling us why or how. Our intuition is always with us whether we are aware of it or not. Our intuition helps to make quick judgements during any complicated combat between our heart and mind. This “Spidey Sense” is often ignored due to fear and less confidence. Steve Jobs the successful pioneer of all time quoted, “Intuition is very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.” Boston University, George Mason University and several renown universities concluded that intuition is more efficient than logical thinking in decision making. People who are highly intuitive and have mastered their gut feelings use to do things little differently as their perception towards things and life is divergent. Let’s have a close look at those things that extremely intuitive people usually do. Read on..

1. They always stay connected with their inner voice

Extremely intuitive people always listen to their inner voice or gut feelings. They never let their inner voice to go unanswered. They always believe and trust their inner voice as they know it’s true and would never misguide them. Strong intuitive people balance their intuition which bridges the gap between their instinct and reasoning.

2. They love to create

Creativity is what they believe and they live in creativity. Intuition helps for better and amazing creativity. Creative people are highly intuitive and practising your creativity boosts better intuition. Hence, creativity and intuition goes hand in hand. As you develop one, the other naturally follows.

3. They love solitude

It becomes very much tough to get connected with intuition when there is constant screaming, streaming, chattering, whispering of people around you. Hence they need to some lone time to hear their inner voice which helps them to lead in a right way. This helps them to think creatively. Extremely intuitive people love to stay connected with their inner wisdom. They engage in deeper thoughts and create a clear equation with themselve.

4. They allow themselves to be slack

They never stop themselves to be lazy and bone idle. Because they believe a little laziness gets you some lone time to relax and indulge in deep thoughts and hear their inner voice. They analyse every thing from every aspect and try to connect those issues with their gut feeling to take decisions and act wisely.

5. They are quite mindful

They practice mindfulness. They live in present and stay aware of things around them. Practicing mindfulness they get their intuition much developed to weigh their options objectively. This boosts their inner knowledge which results in more consciousness and mental awareness to connect with themselves and others too.

6. They keep track of their intuition

Intuitive people always keep a track record of their intuition to measure the percentage of their intution’s true impact and influence. To be much aware and to get clear idea of their intuition over any kind of issues. They analyse their gut feelings every time they deal with it and every time they connect with it to be strong intuitive.

7. They are good observers

Another thing that extremely intuitive people love to do is observing everything very closely. They notice each and every thing in detail. They keep every detail information they come through. They love to be diligent to get their intuition more distinctly to make the connection more strong.

8. They act immediately

They never neglect to act on their intuitions. They always stay active to act instantly according to their intuitions. They get the message and take steps immediately to bridge the gap between instinct and reasoning.

9. They avoid negative emotions

Strong emotions that are negative block their intuition hence they avoid negative emotions. Usually when people get uspet or annoyed they are actually disconnected with their intuition. They follow their reasoning and logic. Depression, anger, stress, hatred clog the intuition process. But positive mood and emotions nurture intuition and develops the intuitive process.

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10. They are more empathizing

Intuitive people are able to relate and connect with others and even provide better support to make them comfortable and relaxed. They are very appealing, friendly in nature and become very connective with strangers to make them open up and share their deep feelings (good or bad), experiences. Extremely intuitive people love to notice other people’s emotions and feelings just by a close observation in less time.

11. They notice their dreams

Usually people avoid their dreams be it good or bad, as they believe dreams have nothing to do with their real life. But highly intuitive people pay attention to their dreams. Dreams gets you into the unconscious part of your brain, the same place where intuition dwells. Dreams are filled with messages, hints, possibilities just to make you more aware.

12. They love to be in downtime

They get themselves unplugged from all devices, avoid multitasking, disconnect themselves from digital stress and burnout to get more deep into their intuition to nurture the process well. They differentiate between their intuition and reasoning and analyse to be aware enough to get the right and true instinct.

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