Interesting Facts About Hypersexuality


Well, getting sexual urges often between the age group of 20’s and 40’s is quite normal and natural as sex is a basic need of every human body. But getting involved in sexual activities and sexual fantasies more often and several times a day can be a real disorder called as hypersexual disorder or sex addiction. This very subject might seem quite interesting and engaging for several people but this is a serious health issue and can lead to serious troubles near future. Getting sudden sexual urges, looking for instant sexual partner or any sexual toys to satisfy the irritability caused due to sexual desires are some common symptoms of hypersexuality. The primary motive of writing this article is to help those people out there who are not sure about their hypersexual disorder or increased sexual desires several times a day. Let’s find out the interesting facts about hypersexuality or hypersexual disorder.

Fact No. 1

Getting seriously addicted to pornography. People with this disorder tend to watch porn videos or porn clips and pictures all day to curb their sexual desires and fantasies.

Fact No. 2

Masturbating frequently every day.  Believe it or not, masturbating more frequently that even everyday is a clear symptom of hypersexual disorder which indicates the person is under hypersexual condition. However, masturbating less often is very normal, natural and useful too, which avoids sexual crimes, unwanted pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases.

Fact No. 3

Thinking about sex and sex related things and subjects to satisfy their sexual behaviours and needs anyway. Serious sexual flirting in the office, molesting opposite sex person in the office or at home, looking for sex workers and sex toys more often to curb the sexual urges are some serious facts about hypersexuality.

Fact No. 4

Getting involved in sex chats, cyber sex or telephonic sex. Some people couldn’t hold their sudden sexual urges hence they get used to it for which they always keep themselves involved in alternative sexual activities such as sexual video chats, cyber sex or telephonic sex conversations.

Fact No. 5

Repeatedly exhibiting sexual behaviour. The hypersexual disorder patients exhibit a peculiar sexual behaviour that constantly make their co-workers, colleagues, friends and surrounding people uncomfortable while getting social with them.

Fact No. 6

Sexual behaviour leads them to depression and irritability. Such people with hypersexuality condition find themselves in an awkward situations, sometimes get insulted and embarrassed by surrounding people which leads them to depression, anxiety, loneliness and irritability.

Fact No. 7

Having multiple sexual partners. Another clear yet true fact about hypersexuality is people under this condition get sexually involved with sexual partners to satisfy their sexual urges and fantasies. They find it hard to stay with loyal one sexual partner hence sometimes get into extra marital affairs.

Fact No. 8

Commit sexual crimes getting into prostitution. When sexual urges and desires go beyond the limit, the hypersexual disorder patients never fear of committing sexual crimes such as rapes, molestations, gang rapes, prostitution etc.

Fact No. 9

Hypersexuality is a separate mental disorder and the causes due to which the condition occurs to a specific person is still unknown. However, the symptoms of this disorder can also be seen in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Fact No. 10

Brain chemical imbalance. The exact reason behind this sex addiction condition is not discovered yet but, some latest studies and researchers claim that hypersexuality condition might be a result of an imbalance in brain chemicals or hormones. Moreover, people who might have suffered sexual abuse and trauma with erroneous memories related to it in their childhood could also develop this condition.

Fact No. 11

Intense and hardcore lovemaking. Another solid fact about hypersexuality is a person obsessed with sexual activities or sex might indulge in intense and rough sex pushing their sexual partners to go beyond their limits which can be tough and difficult for their partners.

According to the latest medical research on hypersexual disorder, the symptoms of this condition can be reduced up to some extent however it’s difficult to cure it completely with medications. Emotional support, activities related to social improvement and personal improvement can help the patients significantly to lead a normal life further.

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