6 Feminine Things Men Never Understand

I am proud to be a woman. Women are not from Mars or any other planet. We are human too, like men are. So, why is it so tough for you guys to figure us out? Women have always been the criticism victims by most of men. Well, if we understand your issues and accept your inconveniences to live with, then why don’t you guys? Oh! common, if we start criticizing you and listing down your weirdest habits, then we would be running out of papers and words for sure. We are girls, we are women, we make your life beautiful, working 24×7 for 365 days without complaining, we give birth to your child enduring the pain, actually almost dying, we keep your stinky clothes clean, your wet towels away from your bed, but still we are so tough for you to understand. Isn’t it? Let’s make a list of what you guys don’t get about women and why?

1. Menstrual days.

Feminine Things Men Never Understand

It’s a very common one. Every girl is blessed with this inevitable and natural feature. During these days every girl has to be careful not to get her dress stained, keeping tampons and sanitary napkins in their bags and when you guys try to peek into our bags, it verily embarrasses us. You guys get irritated when we get concerned about staining or don’t go out anywhere for menstrual cramps. You guys just can’t… Huh! Leave.

2. No partying during menstrual cramp.

Feminine Things Men Never Understand

Again, you people want us to chill out or freak out in public as usual days, during our terribly painful days. We are humans, we too feel pain. Is it so difficult for you to understand our situation?

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3. Wearing heels.

Feminine Things Men Never Understand

Really! We are wearing our own damn heels, so what do you have to do with this. We don’t bother you on your dressing styles. This is an absolute illogical issue to discuss even.

4. Makeup 24 x 7.

Feminine Things Men Never Understand

Let’s make it a little logical one. 24×7? Are you guys really serious? Well, we don’t wear makeup, getting up in the middle of our quality sleep. Jokes apart, we do wear makeup to look good. So, what’s the big deal in it? Everyone wants to look good and perfect. We girls wear makeup for you, so that, you don’t lose interest in us. We love our partners, so we want to look good.

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5. Work and personal life equilibrium.

Woman work and personal life equilibrium men never understand

We are working women. We don’t ask for any kind of honour. We work at office and have to work at home too, which men cannot ever manage and understand. All we ask for is a little help or a tiny little appreciation. But, that is nugatory really to expect anything from you guys.

6. Gossiping for hours.

Woman gossiping for hours men never understand

Yes, we love gossiping. We love sharing our stories, our likes, dislikes, dirty talks. We feel good and relaxed doing this. You feel relaxed going for bike rounds, volley ball match, or beer party, we don’t interrogate you or denounce you. Then, what bothers you?

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