What Girls Actually Do on Internet?

Well, internet is a huge network bigger than the actual world attracting billions and millions of people towards it. You can find everything on internet be it futuristic, imaginary and non-existent things, history, facts and theories. So, finding out what a person can prefer to do on internet is quite difficult. But, figuring our psychologically we can figure out some most popular activities for particular group be it men or women. Talking about girls, who are totally unpredictable do love doing certain things on internet, however, it’s not an accurate result but mostly girls prefer to do certain common things. Let’s reveal the secrets of girls on internet.

1. Skype Video Calling

Oh yes! The first thing that almost every girl love to do on internet is making a video call to her boyfriend, best buddies or family. Talking live is much better than boredom chats and voice calls.

2. Facebook

The one and only renown social networking site that connects all people throughout the entire world is Facebook. This Mark Zuckerberg’s creation keeps every teen and adult busy all day. And girl’s keep posting your pout selfies!!

3. Whatsapp

“What’s your Whatsapp number?” is the first and common question that connects almost every one of this generation. And audio messages and video clips with smileys makes it more exciting.

4. Random Profile Check

Sorry ladies! But you can’t deny that you still check out your ex(s) profile and timeline, however some girls use it before adding any random stranger person on Facebook and Google.

5. Online Movies

Yes, we girls are not that smart about all those weird confusing apps that you guys use with ease. Hence, we love to watch movies online. And people who watch online movies are quite expensive. Huh!

6. Reading Blogs

According to the Literacy Trust research girls read more blogs online as compared to boys. Reading all kind of blogs on current social issues, informational and entertainment always attract girls on internet.

7. Photo Editing

Girls love online photo editing with funny effects. They get maximum editing effects for enhancing their pout selfies and group selfies.

8. Searching Smart Status

Yeah quite embarrassing for girls but we do admit that we search some cool, funny and smart statuses for Facebook and Whatsapp status update. By the way we’re honest enough to admit these!

What Girls Actually Do on Internet

9. Online Shopping

My favourite activity on the internet that every girl loves to do online that is online shopping. Attractive and discount offers on bags, accessories, makeup products, shoes and lingerie just act like a magnet for us.

10. Downloading Books

Those who are book and novel lovers love to download the pdf. version of books of their favourite authors to keep reading all day on their kindle.

11. Watching Videos

Yes, I’m talking about “How to a perfect low messy bun?”, “How to drape a saree perfectly?”, “Perfect smokey eye shadow makeup” are some familiar videos we all girls love to watch.

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12. Reading DIY Home Remedies

Articles about home remedies to fight acne, for hair loss, weight loss are worthy to read online. We girls simply love these useful articles. That is what smart girls do on internet.

13. Looking for Recipes

When men love to eat, we have to cook. And we girls are not master chefs so have to browse some easy, healthy and tasty recipes to cook to reach our mens’ heart.

14. Finding out Song Lyrics

Lipsing becomes tough while singing if we don’t know the lyrics properly. For that finding out the lyrics of our favourite songs is not a crime.

15. Technical Issues Instructions

It becomes easy to sort out technical issues with our system when we have tech brothers and friends, but what if no one’s there? We get totally fuked up and have to browse on Google to find out the technical solutions.

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16. Word Meanings

There are billions of words in this world and no one knows all the meanings of each word. We get stuck in the middle of reading a blog or book we simply Google it. I think this is the smartest and fastest way to get the vocabulary strong.

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