Girls Shaming Men On Facebook, Now A Latest Trend!

We, all being totally aware of this viral eve-teasing issue of Delhi, Tilak Nagar where a girl named Jasleen Kaur who took a picture of a guy named Sarvjeet Singh for making obscene remarks at her according to the statement of Jasleen on her Facebook post. Jasleen also reportedly lodged an FIR against the guy. This incident where Jasleen who became a brave heart being a role model and inspiration for many girls suddenly got a new twist that is the girl was trying to play the victim and tried to offend and defame the guy on social networking site who was acclaimed as a pervert by the subjective media only getting the limited and partial information. This video by Mensutra is an amazing slap to those girls and feminism supporters who try to be the victim and sympathize the victim players by offending men only for their benefit and promotion. This video is a worth watching that will open your eyes about the dark side of feminism and blaming all Indian men as potential rapists and criminals.

Watch this amazing video and figure out this society’s unstable media and mind.


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