Top 5 Google AdSense Revenue Increasing WordPress Themes 2016

AdSense WordPress Themes 2016

People across the globe have been benefiting from their website’s association with Google AdSense. In today’s highly competitive age, marketers and advertisers can reach out to a large number of masses worldwide through any forum via Google AdSense. With hardly any effort, people can easily reap the advantage of online marketing with the help of this amazing revenue earning program. Google AdSense provides the users with an incredible opportunity to powerfully use this tool in any of their websites to make money from sponsored advertising.

So if you are aware of Google AdSense but you want to get more money from AdSense ads, then you must be thinking how to increase the revenue while ensuring least investment? If you are serious about it, then you can leave your website designing work to the WordPress themes. 2016 WordPress themes have been styled to creatively place the AdSense ads around your web content to ensure that you get high paying ads.

There are many WordPress themes that are dedicated to get you more CTR (Click Through Rate) as they come with sophisticatedly placed content and advertisements in way that your website looks professional and uncongested. If you really want to have increased income via AdSense ads, then you need have a look at these 5 top Google AdSense revenue increasing WordPress themes 2016:

  1. SociallyViral

SociallyViral AdSense WordPress Theme 2016

SociallyViral is a uniquely designed WordPress theme that is aimed to be fast, engaging and to exponentially enhance the viral traffic. It is featured to have more access to people using social media sites and also boosts your website’s search engine rankings.

The main purpose of the theme is to increase your presence on social media and thereby it comes with best social media icons to encourage more shares and followers and eventually more traffic. If you want to mark greater presence of your site, then you must install the SociallyViral theme as it is optimized for search engine rankings, loads very fast while ensuring higher social media activity. As far as AdSense optimization is concerned, you will see higher clicks and RPMs as you can increase or decrease as many widgets as you want and can customize the sidebars and layout to suit your brand’s theme.

Moreover, it has retina ready icons that ensures that you can view the ads easily on any device. Overall, SociallyViral is made to have social connections to boost the website traffic that will directly have effect on your AdSense activity too. While its use is not limited to specific kind of sites, SociallyViral is priced at $45.


  1. True Mag

True Mag WordPress Theme 2016

True Mag is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who want to launch their video hosting websites, video portfolio and magazines. This WordPress theme is genuinely designed in an upbeat form to offer best UI and UX with great SEO optimization. The theme incorporates slider styles that are easily accessible and works great on mobiles too.

When it comes to AdSense optimization, True Mag offers many advertisement areas at highly visible places on the site that combines well with all the personalised powerful theme options. You can easily customise the side bars on the front page for placing more ad widgets and there are more ad locations in the blog section also. True Mag also offers social media optimization that means increased traffic via social networking sites. The built in ad widgets are highly responsive as True Mag also comes integrated with Woo Commerce that allows you to earn oodles of money by creating your online shop in your website itself. You can buy the True Mag theme at $58.

  1. Newspaper

Newspaper WordPress Theme 2016

The WordPress theme Newspaper is a perfect solution for websites that offers news, reviews, blogs or magazines. The theme integrates YouTube videos and has best SEO practices that is Yoast supported to make pages easier for Google to scan. The theme has recently launched in new version and offers elegant styling with engaging UI. The theme ensures that the layout of each page is eye catching and has a smart sidebar to incorporate multiple widgets and social counter plugin.

Newspaper has an intelligent ad system that offers ad spots on various locations in a particular page.  You can insert your ad code in the box meant in a particular ad spot. To make your ads responsive, the theme automatically detects the default Google AdSense and the custom banners. Also Newspaper theme comes with a sticky menu for providing great user friendly experience for people using it on small screen devices. Even Newspaper is integrated with Woo Commerce and is obviously another theme that aims to give you high monetary benefits. You can buy this theme at $58.

  1. MoneyFlow

MoneyFlow WordPress Theme 2016

MoneyFlow is a cutting edge blogging WordPress theme that is tailor made for professionals who are dedicated to earn their living online. With ambitious layout, MoneyFlow theme offers highly advanced monetization features to the users that it will ensure high responses to your website.

This translation ready theme is SEO optimized that will attract more and more visitors to your website. It has a slider section and is responsive on all devices. You can also improve your website’s Google ranking as MoneyFlow loads at a faster speed allowing you to be prompt to your visitors. MoneyFlow comes equipped with an off canvas mobile menu that works wonderfully with mobiles.

The theme also comes with a variety of font options, powerful option panel, author box, unlimited colour and background schemes, HD video tutorials, etc. In terms of monetary benefit, MoneyFlow easily allows AdSense optimization and offers amazing clicks and ROI. You can conveniently place ad slots at relevant places and see the money flowing in. Moreover, the theme also comes integrated Woo Commerce, which gives you another opportunity to add money in your kitty. You can avail this modern and classy theme at $45.

  1. Interactive

Interactive WordPress Theme 2016

Synonymous to its name, the WordPress theme Interactive is a highly engaging kind of theme that can be aptly used for professional blogs. It offers dynamic designing solution for people who love to load their website with affluent content that is targeted for their specific group of audience.

With off canvas mobile menu that swoops in an animated stance to impress your visitors accessing your site via mobile, super fast load time to avoid keeping your visitors waiting, infinite customization options and easy social media integration, you won’t have to worry about the traffic at all. The Interactive theme updates with a single click and provides you with amazing typography so that you love to work on your website without being sceptical about its visual appeal.

The sticky main navigation helps your visitors to see more of your content despite scrolling down. Top and bottom sections have default slots for ads through AdSense integration. You can easily monetize your site and augment your CTR without hampering the persona of your website. Another too good to hear feature of the Interactive theme is that it has been optimized to have low bounce rates which means that the theme has the capability to retain visitors for a long time. At a decent price of $45, you can create a highly authentic and chic looking blog or magazine website.


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