Google Pixel – All About The Smartest Smartphone

Google Pixel Smartphone

To demonstrate the best an Android can offer, Google is all set to launch the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, the first ever Google branded smartphones. Replacing the erstwhile Nexus phones, Google’s Pixel range of phones are entirely crafted in house and poses as a top contender to iPhone 7, not only in terms of features but also in price. Google Pixel is equipped with Google’s artificial intelligence powered assistance and premium hardware, marking Google’s inception into the market of high end smartphones. Google Pixel has been designed with the perspective of rendering the users a highly premium Android experience and is effectively initiating strategies and partnering with popular web channels to ensure that Google Pixel smartphones are well placed in India’s highly competitive market.

Features & Specifications Of Google Pixel

  1. Google Assistant

Google Pixel is the first ever phone to have an in-built Google Assistant that can give answers to your routine questions and helps you create an event, reminder or text info to your friend. You can easily find selfies you took recently or relive your special moments. With translate on the go feature, you can translate a word or phrase in more than 100 languages. You can keep multiple tabs open to let you keep update with your flight information, flight itinerary, etc.  

  1. High Resolution Camera

Google Pixel enjoys the best ever 89 DxOMark Mobile score as you get brilliant and vibrant looking photos even in low light. With 12.3 MP camera, large 1.55μm pixels and f/2.0 Aperture, Google Pixel is designed to deliver crisp, sharp and bright images in any light. For the selfie maniacs, the Pixel flaunts an 8 MP, 1.4µm pixels and f/2.4 Aperture front camera that will make you go gaga over Google Pixel’s image quality.

Google Pixel Camera Quality

  1. Unlimited Storage & Faster Charging

With 4GB RAM, Pixel owners get unlimited drive storage for all photos and videos. With fast charging feature lacking in most smartphones, Google Pixel is claimed to last for 7 hours with only 15 minutes of charge. While rapid battery drain was a major flaw in the Nexus phones, Google Pixel effectively relieves you of this issue.   

Google Pixel Faster Charging

  1. Hardware & Software

To give Pixel users fast and seamless experience, Google Pixel amalgamates best of hardware and software. The smooth and curved surfaces with easy to hold functionality is credited to the Google Pixel’s glass aluminium body. With the next gen fingerprint sensor, you can unlock your phone quickly and access all the notifications. Google Pixel comes in two sizes – 5” and 5.5” and in two aristocratic colours – Quite Black and Very Silver. While the display glass in both Pixel and Pixel XL is 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4, the battery specifications differ.

The new Pixel phones will be the first ones to get embedded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad Core processor. Faster CPU speed and top gaming performance is assured by this amazing new masterpiece from Google.

Google Pixel Software

  1. Switch In 3 Simple Steps

Google Pixel comes with Quick Switch Adapter that lets you connect your old phone with new Pixel and after you sign in your Google Account on your Pixel, you can move anything you wish to, such as photos, contacts, videos, SMSs, calendar events, music and more.

Google Pixel Vs iPhone 7

In terms of design, both the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 look similar but half of the back cover of the Pixel is made of glass to ensure great antenna performance, which gives it a distinct appeal too. Google Pixel has a headphone jack, which is much of a convenience and has a fingerprint scanner on the back instead of front scanner like the iPhone 7 has. Both the phones has 32GB internal storage and support single SIM card. The iPhone 7 however, has a 3GB RAM, while the Google Pixel has 4GB RAM. Also the screen size of Google Pixel is 5 inch and that of iPhone 7 is 4.7 inch. The screens of Pixel phones use AMOLED panels and have higher resolution with more vibrancy in colours in comparison to iPhone 7.

It has to be noted that in terms of software, the Google Pixel is endowed with Android Nougat or Android 7.1, which is said to be better than the iPhone that comes powered with iOS 10. Pixel comes with Google Assistant, which is smarter than Siri and has more utility features that display greater flexibility in terms of usage and performance. Google claims that Pixel hosts the best ever camera as it makes use of Sony IMX 378 image sensor. Even though both iPhone and Pixel have 12 MP camera, the Pixel camera has a bigger sensor that boosts its low light performance and renders technically better and clearer images than the iPhone 7.

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