Does Green Tea Have Side Effects?

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In many parts of the world, people have been ritually consuming green tea since ancient times for its herbal properties that help in maintaining weight, improving cognitive functioning, regulating blood circulation, keeping heart in great health while building the immunity level too. Lately, people are becoming aware of the marvellous antioxidant properties of green tea, owing to which it has been adjudged as the best replacement for the regular tea and coffee.

While green tea has found roots in the Asian countries, it is said that consuming green tea can protect your body from various lifestyle diseases and increase your life span. However, working people in particular, have the habit of gulping down endless number of beverages in a day and medical studies have found that green tea when consumed in abundant quantities, can prove to be harmful for your overall health.

Excess of anything can have disastrous effect on your health and this is why, limiting your green tea consumption to 2 to 3 cups a day will protect you from potential side effects of this drink. Like every other beverage, green tea comprises of caffeine too, which when consumed in excess can even cause headaches, dizziness, diarrhoea, stomach disorder, acidity, constipation and nausea.

Many medical experts have revealed that pregnant women must restrain from consuming green tea as many researches have found that it can be a cause for miscarriages. We have been swearing by green tea for improving our health but who knew that indulging in excessive amounts can lead to several side effects as listed below:

  1. Cardiovascular Issues

Though there are no strong evidences to prove that green tea can be held as a major determinant for cardiovascular disorders, but it can however cause irregularity in the heartbeat. The caffeine content in green tea stimulates the heart muscles to contract when at rest. The irregularity of heartbeat for longer period of time can pave the foundation of heart ailments in future and this is why you must prevent acquiring lifestyle disease that results from side effects of green tea.

  1. Headaches

One of the major side effects of green tea is headache. If you are consuming numerous cups of green tea and have been suffering from serious headaches, then its time to cut down on the quantity of intake. According to a study, caffeine in green tea is the major reason for chronic headaches and patients suffering from migraine and vertigo must strictly abstain from consuming it to prevent their health issue from aggravating further.

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  1. Upset Stomach

Green tea comprises of tannins that are known for improving the chances of acidity in the stomach. People who are habitual of consuming green tea on an empty stomach may frequently suffer from acidity. In fact, consuming several cups of green tea in a day can cause intense pain in the stomach, nausea and constipation. So get benefited from green tea by having it in limited amount.

  1. Distortion Of Sleep

While having 2 or 3 cups of green tea is sufficient to regularise your hormonal activities and regularise your sleeping pattern, having it in excess can compel the caffeine to rob off your sleep. The caffeine content keeps your brain awake and alert during night and restricts the production of melatonin hormone that induces sleep. This causes increase in adrenaline production and also causes anxiety issues.

  1. Deficiency Of Iron

If you are drinking high doses of green tea, then you are bound to suffer from deficiency of iron sooner. It has been researched that green tea reduces the body’s ability to derive iron from food. However, instead of stopping green tea consumption, you can mix some lemon juice or have fruits along with it to subside this adverse effect of green tea.

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  1. Diarrhoea

One of the most common side effects of green tea consumption in ample quantity is diarrhoea. Caffeine in green tea causes laxative effect that triggers the colon muscles to contract and relax faster, owing to which you feel the urge to visit the washroom sooner. The colon starts eliminating every waste at an increased speed leading to condition like diarrhoea.

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