Guide To Healthy Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits

Sleeping is a natural and essential need of every human. A sleep can make or break your entire day. A good sleep revitalizes and refreshes your mind and body while a bad sleep induces stress and fatigue. There are many people who sleep early and wake up early and some sleep real late and still wake up early. And these people show less productivity and higher stress level. Why? Due to their inappropriate sleeping habits. Your sleep might be a duration of 8 hours or more but do you culture good and healthy sleeping habits? For a sound and refreshed sleep you need minimum 8 hours of sleep as well as healthy sleeping habits. Here I have rounded up all the real and essential healthy sleeping habits that you all must acquire to get a good night’s sleep. Read on..

1. Eat lighter meals

Lighter meals at dinner is very much crucial. Avoid heavy foods like carbohydates, fats, oily foods as they cause indigestion. A king size burger at 10 p.m is the best catalyst for insomnia. Try to have light food like salads and veggies.

2. Reduce/Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake

Excessive caffeine, nicotine or alcohol intake, like tea, coffee, black coffee, tobacco, wine, smoking keeps you awake and makes you sleep deprived.

3. Set a specific bedtime

You need to set a regular bedtime so that you feel fall asleep gradually when it’s your sleeping time. Having a preset timing helps you to maintain a routine to sleep early and wake up early.

4. Wake up at same time everyday

Don’t fluctuate your waking up call. Try to wake up at the very same time everyday to make it a routine or habit. If you need you may set alarm few minutes before the specified time you want to wake up.

5. Exercise daily

You could exercise early in the morning or 3 hours before you sleep. Exercising stimulates your body to release stress hormone cortisol which induces activating mechanism in your body. So, make sure to exhaust your body 3 hours before you go to bed to get a real deep sleep.

6. Culture bedtime rituals

Meditate or read any novel or book, avoid television, switch off your devices or might keep them in vibrating mode, take a shower before you go to sleep. This brings you on a regular track for healthy sleeping habits to give you undisturbed deep sleep.

7. Flush out and stay hydrated

Make sure you are done with your toilet seat before you slip into the bed and drink a glass of water before sleeping so that you won’t wake up for nature’s call or being thirsty.

8. Early napping or no napping

If you are an insomniac then avoid napping in the late afternoon or if you want to avoid fatigue, then take nap early in the afternoon. Avoid napping after 4 p.m. as this could make you stay up late at night.

9. Don’t distract

If you wake up from the middle of your sleep, avoid watching clocks and cell phones as this creates stress and disturbs your sleep. Simply take a comfortable position and try to fall asleep again counting your breaths.

10. Go to sleep when tired

Try to hit your bed when you are actually tired and exhausted or else you will only be tossing around your bed all night. If you want to be tired, do some work like washing dishes, collecting laundry to wash next day, clean your room or house so that your eyes n body will be tired to fall asleep soon.

11. Make your room sleep friendly

Use low power bulbs or dim lights after dinner, keep your room cool within 30 celcius degree, check noise distractions, switch off your television, use comforting pillows and mattresses so that you need not have to strive hard to get a good sleep.

12. Use flashlight for hitting toilets at night

If you need to hit toilet, use flashlight over your room’s light as flash light doesn’t disturb your sleep too much.

13. Stay exposed to sunlight

At day time try to expose your eyes to sunlight more as this will make your eyes tiring and your eyes will need darkness more at night to fall asleep.

14. Shift other room to get comfort

If you can’t sleep at night, don’t toss over your bed this will produce body heat and will also heat up your bed. So shift to another room to get relaxed until you feel tired and sleepy and get back to your room and bed to sleep.

15. Listen to soothing music

You may play some real slow and soothing tracks with low volume to relax your body and stimulate sleep into your eyes. But remember don’t hit music more than 15 minutes, try to make the duration less than 15 minutes.

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