7 Exclusive Traits Of Healthy People You Must Know

Exclusive Traits Of Healthy People You Must Know

The glamour world has been endorsing six / eight pack abs or washboard abs on the pretext of spreading indigenous fitness mantras. But good health doesn’t come from excessive working out and going for crash diets. It is a unique discipline and requires devotion towards nurturing the body to adopt healthy lifestyle that brings a permanent transformation in both the physical and mental spheres. Healthy people don’t just enjoy great health for a day and then gorge onto delicacies or skip workouts or let their mental control lose. It requires whole-hearted commitment and the desire to live healthily forever.

The last few decades have brought in major changes in our lifestyles. The increasing competition at workplace has compelled to sacrifice more hours to our work, which has mounted the stress levels and hence, reduced the quality of sleep. The sedentary lifestyle and increased dependence on junk food as immediate hunger relief option along with lack of desire to work-out has emerged as the major reasons for the rising lifestyle diseases, specifically in the developed countries. There are people who focus on looking healthy rather than feeling healthy inside out.

Here are 7 exclusive traits of healthy people you must know if you have the innate desire to incorporate more and more of healthy habits to counter the adverse effects of the ever hectic lifestyle:

  1. They Understand The Importance Of Quality Sleep

Medical experts have found that sleep is foundation of the great physical and mental health. While the body goes through various physical and mental activities throughout the day, a good night’s sleep of 8 hours is extremely essential for proper repairing and rejuvenation of the brain and body’s muscles. While sleeping, our body directs all the energy produced during the night in healing the systems. Sleep helps the body in releasing growth hormones that aids in creation of new cells while repairing internal wounds and disorders. The body even secretes hunger regulating hormones, owing to which adequate sleep is responsible for keeping the weight in check.

In order to ensure sound sleep, it is essential that your ambience is noise free and is comfortable. Maintain a proper sleeping routine and wind up your tasks an hour before the set time to ensure that your mind is less alert. Moreover, avoid watching television just before sleeping and keep your smartphones away too as both these devices emit blue light, which signals your brain to delay the production of melatonin hormone that induce sleep. In fact, try some meditation techniques before sleeping or read a good motivational book or listen to soft and soothing music to relax your brain’s and body’s muscles.  

  1. They Pamper Themselves Through Adequate Workouts

While working out is a tedious task born out of compulsion to reduce weight or maintain fitness, a healthy person exercises to pamper the mind and body thoroughly. They understand the importance of maintaining a workout routine and they don’t have to compel themselves to follow it as they consider it as an activity that boosts the happy hormones. Healthy people seek more and more ways to keep themselves physically and mentally active and they never get succumbed to living a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. They Ensure To Have Good & Healthy Diet At All Times

There is no perfect definition of a healthy diet but healthy people generally focus on having a heavy breakfast for refilling their bodies with powerful nutrients after a long fast performed while sleeping. Moreover, they believe in having moderate amounts of meal at lunch and extremely light dinner as there won’t be any physical activity while sleeping. They prefer having fruit and vegetable salads, handful of dry fruits, less oily and less sugary food stuffs as snacks twice a day. Avoiding junk or processed foods or those having artificial preservatives along with soft drinks and alcohol is important for having a healthy body and mind. Incorporating multi-grains, adequate quantities of dairy products, lean meat and more of varied fruits and vegetables can help in eliminating toxic deposits from the body.

Working professionals find it difficult to resist their temptation of eating ready meals or junk foods and being healthy for them seems a mighty task. But home cooked meals or healthy substitutes for junk foods can be opted if the will power to become healthy is strong. Instead of gulping down numerous cups of tea, coffee and colas, healthy people prefer having lemon and honey tea, green tea or herbal teas that have detoxifying effect and have limited amount of caffeine to give stimulus to the tired or stressed brain.

  1. They Are Great Stress Managers

The rapidly moving world is creating loads of growth opportunities available only for people showing great level of competency at work. Amidst multi-tasking and shuttling between personal and professional life, people are somewhere accumulating loads of stress and tension, which when goes unchecked can develop serious mental issues like depression. Cortisol and adrenalin are some of the stress hormones which trigger stress in the mind. Stress cannot be always avoided and are immediate resultant of certain circumstances and to beat the stress, healthy people become great stress managers. They heavily rely on meditation and practise breathing techniques that helps in calming the stressed nerves in the brain. Reading books, listening to music, spending time with loved ones and following hobbies are some of the simplest ways to take a break from the stressful life.

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  1. They Embrace Positive Outlook

The sedentary lifestyle with lots of stress resulting from striving to be effective managers in personal and work space can compel us to encounter some adverse circumstances for which the mind isn’t strong enough to handle. Such events in life can turn our perspective on the negative edge. But healthy people ensure that while they maintain great lifestyle, they lay immense focus on staying positive at all times. While facing circumstances that trigger negative feelings, a healthy person thinks more of positive things that has happened and will happen if waited with patience. Instead of letting the anger, sadness, jealousy, fear, etc eat up liveliness from your life, embrace positive attitude to win over such negative feelings and emerge closer to the ultimate goal of life, i.e., attaining happiness.

  1. They Value Their Relationships At Personal Space

While most of your time may revolve at attaining the desired jump at professional space, you must spend quality time with people who love you and have been with you through thick and thin. This is what healthy people do. They find happiness in maintaining social and family relationships as it helps in boosting the mood and improves the quality of life.  

  1. They Take Breaks To Rejuvenate Themselves

While it is important to spare time for people who give meaning to your life, it is equally necessary to take time out for reenergising yourself. A healthy person understands the importance of taking short breaks for self-nurturing, which can be taken in the form of short solo vacations, pursuing long lost hobbies or enrolling for a short term course or learning a new art form. These activities give self satisfaction, which helps in reducing stress and makes you more independent and confident.

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