How To Revive After Being Victimised By Harsh Criticisms

How To Revive After Being Victimised By Harsh Criticisms

Criticisms and snide remarks made by either known or unknown people can really hurt badly. Often, you feel that when you try your best in learning something new and put your sincere efforts, some negative comments shatter your whole sense of accomplishment. Your self-confidence gets smashed. It might have been your first attempt but the negative comments instils in you a feeling of discouragement that suppresses your self-confidence and even desire to make further attempts.

The words of criticism may torture your mind to an extent that after shattering down your desire to work better next time, it further makes you believe that you deserved to be disappointed because your efforts weren’t perfectly pitched. You may feel so helpless that you become unable to control your mind from thinking about the negative comments. You may feel like quitting to perform again just because your fear of failure has deepened by those comments.

We all face criticisms by known people and even strangers and sometimes, it is put so harshly that the damage it causes to our mind may result in depression too. So the next time, you get to hear something unpleasant for any of your performance, then it becomes important to understand how to revive after being victimised by harsh criticisms so that you regain the lost hope and confidence:

  1. Start Accepting What You Feel

Initially after the attack to your mind, you get furious and then the feeling gets converted to embarrassment. You start feeling ashamed, which starts making you believe that the person who put you down is right about you. Then as harder you try to ignore those emotions, the outburst of emotions intensify. In fact, they start ruining your spirit and crushes down your confidence and self-worth instantly.

Instead, give some peace to your mind by spending sometime alone and let your emotions free. Allow yourself to be swept away through emotions instead of containing them inside you. Don’t attach yourself to the emotions and let them flow away because these are just spontaneous reactions and will settle down once you stop resisting them.

  1. Get Your Mind To Heal The Damage

When you resist your emotions, your mind keeps on thinking about those negative comments and starts shattering your confidence. You start blaming yourself for performing with less perfection and you even start predicting negative repercussions. You think of yourself as a person who is least able to perform his/ her work with efficiency.

Instead of taking the whole scenario as a personal attack, start convincing your mind that it wasn’t you who were being criticised, it was actually your act that another person didn’t find appealing. Rather than making yourself an insecure person, tell yourself that the comments were for the performance and not directed towards your individuality.

  1. Divert Your Focus

In such circumstances many people feel so low that recovering from such an attack takes weeks but still they find it difficult to gather courage and do that task again with confidence. To win over such kind of negativity, all you need to do is shifting your focus towards positivity. You may feel stuck in an ocean of insecurities where you hardly have any control on your mind.

This is the time where you have to tap your inner power that will fill you with positivity. In such hostile situations, you need to choose your approach. If you give heed to the criticisms, then you are bound to become negative and this in turn will affect your mental health badly in the long run. But if you start thinking that there are different types of people in this world and since you personally don’t love everything about everybody, there will be people who wouldn’t always like the way you perform. Start accepting that not everybody is going to like what you do. So all you need to do is ignore negativity and embrace the optimistic approach within you.

  1. Make Yourself Realize That You Flaunt Your Own Individuality

Being human, we are compelled to boast the human tendency of judging ourselves on the basis of other people’s opinions. We have in fact, learnt to judge ourselves on the basis of our performance being analysed at our jobs, home or by our social circle. Our minds are actually tired of being constantly compared with others or our past performance or in chasing the expectations of people who don’t really matter to us.

This is the fact why we get frustrated and resort to negative attitude as soon as we face criticisms. Despite performing in accordance with self-expectations, we feel extremely low when someone disregards our efforts. Ask yourself….was the person worth it? Was the person present when you were struggling to learn something new? Was he a part of the pain you endured for giving your best? You need to bring yourself out of the cloak and flaunt your individuality. Be proud of yourselves and rather than constantly comparing yourself, love to be yourself and start respecting yourself.

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  1. Start Forgiving & Forgetting

The criticism creates a whirlpool of negativity in your mind because your inner anger has not let you forget that person. You are unable to forget the whole incidence and your mind is enraged and depressed at the same time. You have least control on what your mind is thinking and this is why you find it hard to gather confidence. When you let your emotions free and start containing the damage within you, you need to think positively about your individuality.

Lastly, you must forgive that person for hurting you. Though the remark was insulting, but was carelessly hurled at you. The best way to protect your mind from getting affected is by forgiving the person, even if he/ she doesn’t apologise. Forgive the person and this will make forgetting the experience easier. Forgiving makes forgetting easy and once you start forgetting, your mind will become stronger to accept failures and criticisms with positive spirit.

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