Kind of Lethal People We All Need To Get Rid Of

Lethal People             

We live in a world where there are lots of people who have different attitudes, views, mindsets and thoughts. Some are our friends, our well wishers, our relatives and family and some always maintain to stay within our off comfort zone. In our daily lives, we meet 20 different people at least and they are not necessarily alike. Some people inspire us and some drain us. Some hit our heart directly and some get hit by us. Well, I don’t know about you all but if someone disturbs me I would definitely like to kick his ass off. Anyways, there are various people who are always the most needed people in our lives with whom we share our happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety and stress. Like every coin has two sides, there are some people who remain in our blacklist whom we always try to avoid, however they should verily be avoided. Here are some real toxic and lethal people who need to be avoided to lead a peaceful and successful life.

1. The back talkers

Some venomous people who try to be very sweet with us but the moment they get our back, they start abusing us, spreading negative rumours and compare us with shit. These people are so possessive about their image that they don’t have the courage to abuse us directly but humiliates us in every possible manner to get us low and less.

2. The time predators

People who find it really exciting to kill your precious time. These people could be your family relatives, or your friends’ friend or your office colleagues who rob your time drastically repeating some old issues which has nothing to gain from.

3. The taunters

People who consistently harm you by negative comments and criticise you triggering distress in your mind are the real lethal ones. They always stimulate your inner anger and play mind games getting you blamed ultimately.

4. The selfish users

I’m sure these kinds of people are very common in every friend circle or family relatives or even in office staffs. These people always manage to get help in their time of need but, when it comes to pay back they simply ignore you like they don’t even know you. These people are real selfish ones who only know to use people according to their comfort and need.

5. The victim pretenders

People who always pretend to be the victims never accept and admit their mistakes and faults proving themselves innocent. They always find a prey to get him/her blamed for owning their mistakes.

6. The negative minds

People with negative minds culture negative energy and forces in their mind which absorbs us in their negativity. They could never help you rather they will demoralise you, drag you down and will reduce your self confidence.

7. The narcissists

People who are self centred and egoistic never show compassion and empathy to anyone. Their world revolves around them. They never care about others, but could give you their attention in exchange with heavy advantage cost.

8. The malefactors

People who are the wrongdoers, create conflicts and brawls, lose their temper and drain out your energy. They pull you in to the unnecessary fights and arguments which have no point basically just to make you feel low and insulted.

9. The manipulators

Manipulative people always love to exploit you. They always use you to get some advantage. They always keep their goal hidden and extract things amazingly from you to get your weakness to use it against you. They exploit you are destroy your social conscience.

10. The stressed ones

Stressed out people are always high on their frustration. They are so much stressed out that they even infect you with this contagious symptom of stress making you depressed and frustrated. They not only trigger unnecessary worries in your head but also consume your time badly.

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11. The liars

Liars are never loyal and honest. They can’t be friend of anyone. They can’t be trusted as they could reveal your confidential secrets to anyone. They could lie to you to get benefited and to make a good use of you.

12. The psychopaths

Psychopaths are real dangerous as they could harm you in any way. You need to recognize these people as they could be obsessed with you or with something else for which they would try to harm you. These people always behave weird and lose temper more frequently and could be hurtful.

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