How To Know Your Man Is Cheating On You?

Man Is Cheating Usually love and marriage relationships undergo hard times due to many reasons such as misunderstanding, unsupportive parents, less or no communication, loss of faith, financial security, loss of interest in sexual activities and the most absolute reason is extramarital affair or cheating for someone else. Cheating in a relationship or being unfaithful has become a very common issue in almost every love relationship. However, men and women both cheat their partners which results in devastating breakups and divorces. Men cheat their partners more as compared to women due to many reasons such as diversity in sex life, fresh sexual feeling, less attractive partners, pregnant wives, busy wives. And women usually stay unaware of it, and if any woman finds her man to be unfaithful either she compromises for her family and kids or ends her life. So here are some of the absolute ways to know your man is cheating on you. Let’s get started.

1. He is more concerned about his appearance

Well, when men find someone more attractive than you and get lured towards someone they start grooming themselves at their best. They pick bold colour shirts, try to look fit, shave their beard or trim it for more sexier look, apply perfume and maintain themselves every time they step out of their home.

2. He is being over-complimentary

Well, if he had never ever complimented you while you were busy in the office all day and with the household chores in the evening before, or had never complimented you over your favourite lingerie, or never ever praised your delicious cooking and suddenly has started doing so and more often it means you’re being buttered for investing some extra faith over him.

3. He is maintaining a distance or avoiding you

He is keeping distance from you, avoiding you, your special events, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or even any promise of going out then it’s the solid way to know your man is cheating on you. That’s because their invest all their quality time and focus on their secret love interest.

4. He is acting out of his character

Being in a relationship is not about sex and love talks rather it’s about knowing a person from inwards as well as outwards. You completely get used to their activities, responses, reactions, thoughts, behaviours and your predictions start being absolutely right. But when your man acts little weird or out of his usual character that’s a warning bell for you. For example he loves watching cricket and even never allows anyone to touch the remote and suddenly from few months he is locking himself with his gadgets in a room for long hours even when the match is going on.

5. He thinks you cheating on him

Well, it’s a very common behaviour of a thief or a burglar who himself steals things and to act normal and innocent starts accusing and blaming others to stay on his safe side. Similarly if your man is accusing you for cheating on him trust me he is definitely cheating you.

6. He gets less intimate with you

That’s pretty obvious when a person finds someone more attractive than his/her partner, he/she will lose interest in the former one. When your partners is no more interested in making love with you, neither caress you, nor gives you intimate touches, hugs and kisses, you should know your man is cheating on you.

7. He fights with you more often

He picks up fight more often even with no valid reason. He just enters the room and finds the carpet is not clean and starts a very bad brawl with you. He always stays irritated at home and your single word is enough to irritate and annoy him anytime for a real bad fight.

8. He keeps lying to you

Your men becomes more aloof, hiding his phone from you, taking calls outside the home or room, deleting all the texts, or don’t take calls you’re around, changes his passwords more frequently is a crystal clear sign your man is lying to you at least about something. When you ask if something is wrong, he just keeps lying and makes excuses.

9. He starts loving his privacy

Suddenly his privacy becomes his first priority. He gets very much concerned about his lone time. He hates your being around him or he just avoids you to spend some alone time in his room and with his gadgets which is an enough signal to know your man is cheating you.

10. He hangs out with his friends who have cheated

Well, he finds it boring spending time with you, family, kids and even his office colleagues rather he hangs more around his college friends who have a cheating history with their wives and girlfriends. He loves to have fun with those friends who have a complete idea about extramarital affairs or multiple love affairs as he finds it more useful and informational.

11. He supports men who have cheated their wives

Have you ever noticed your man supporting or taking side of a person whom you’re accusing of cheating his wife or girlfriend? He might be trying to give every possible reason to prove that person innocent and his activities pretty much acceptable. This means he is trying to save himself and prove himself right at least in his eyes.

12. He starts flirting with other women

When your man starts getting attracted to other women even in front of you, well it’s a serious call. If you ever have noticed a nice sweet aroma from his shirt or a long hair from his clothes or lipstick stains on his handkerchief, then that is the clear way to know your man is cheating for sure.

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