How to Know if a Man Is Sexiest, From His Smile

Sexiest Man Smile

Girls! Here is your answer. Most of the girls are so much concerned about their dates with their crushes, that they usually wonder about so many things such as, “did he like me?”, “why is he smiling at me?” “why is he not smiling even?” and many more weird but true questions, get revolve around their heads. If you want to find out if a man is sexiest, or the way he smiles at you is a sexy approach or it’s just an formal smile, then simply observe the way he smiles at you, according to a recent research.

Research Conception and Repercussion

The recent study from Northeastern University in the US, throws some light on how sexism elegantly influences social interaction and synergy between men and women and how it attracts people of both gender. The latest study reveals how men’s selection of word, their attitudes and smiles reflect the type of sexism they sometimes exquisitely show when interacting and communicating with women they have just met. The study has distinctly captured both nonverbal and verbal expressions and interpretations of benign and belligerent sexism during mixed-gender interaction and communication, and how these two types of sexist ideas are expressed otherwise. The experts have carefully experimented on the social interaction of 27 pairs of undergraduate men and women. Their interaction was filmed while they were communicating with each other. The observers then analyzed their way of communication and gestures and reported about the impressions and calculating certain nonverbal gestures such as smiles and eye activities.

Hypothesis and Epilogue

The more belligerent sexist men were anticipated as less approachable and less friendly in their verbal communication, and they even smiled very less during the interaction. Meanwhile, those who showed compassionate sexism were rated to be more approachable, warmer, friendlier and more flirtatious and they also smiled a lot. An interaction accompanied by a benevolent smile usually influences and attracts women as it provides them a warm feeling and they feel more comfortable with the person to hang out more often. Men who smile a lot while interacting also use more positive emotional and generous words that hit directly every girls mind and heart. These kind of men are more patient as they continue the conversation and interaction to a very long extent, creating a nice memorable and effective room inside a woman’s heart.

The benevolent sexism is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing that preserves support for gender prejudice among women at social and interpersonal level. The supposed gestures of good faith, usually attracts and allures women to accept the state of affairs in society because sexism literally looks welcoming, appealing, harmless and sometimes romantic too.

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