10 Motivational Life Lessons To Learn From Shah Rukh Khan

Life Lessons To Learn From Shah Rukh Khan

The King Khan of Bollywood is not only admired and honoured in India but also worldwide. Shah Rukh Khan who is the top reigning actor of Bollywood has experienced many barriers and hindrances in his life. SRK who fought all odds to get success, learnt theaters in Delhi and got his first break in the TV serial “Circus” and then he made his first film debut in “Deewana”.

His success won million of hearts. Being from a non film background, he had to put strenuous efforts and hardwork to earn this current stardom. Shah Rukh believes in big dreams and even believes more in fulfilling them being determined. There are lot inspirational things to learn from Shah Rukh Khan’s life. Here are some motivating and inspiring life lessons from SRK’s life.

1. Family is the first priority

No matter how much successful you are and how much busy you are, the first ever priority for anyone should be his/her family. Family is the only thread which makes you strong and is the only unit which supports you most at your worst period.

2. You should love your job

Whatever you do, you should always love and respect your source of income. You should learn to love your job, and should not hamper your job by your bad habits be it smoking, drinking or being lazy. If you have got the passion for your work then complete it before you wrap up.

3. Always Stay Updated

Shah Rukh Khan who has a prodigious appetite for knowledge, always stay connected with books of all genre and even stay updated with various happenings and issues all around the globe.

4. Dream Big

Shah Rukh Khan consistently gives us a message to dream big and achieve big. Shah Rukh Khan during his struggling days, once standing on Marine Drive is the background of setting sun, said that “I will rule this city one day” and finally worked so hard that he is truly ruling Mumbai as well as the entire Bollywood industry. Confidence in yourself is very much essential to be big and achieve all that you want.

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5. Learn to charm everyone

Being charming, open and approachable is very wise attitude as you can you can make your charm work in your favour as well.

6. Be entertaining and humorous

Being witty and humorous is a way of looking at your life very positively. It not only makes you lively but also becomes your nature.

7. Take controversies as a part of life

Controversies and criticism are mere part of everyone’s life. One should not be affected by it. Well, if people talk negative about you, that means you are improving and are on the right direction to success.

8. Hardwork is most crucial ingredient

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most hard working star of Bollywood. He entered Bollywood with no film background as he didn’t come from any leading Bollywood families. But he established himself and his success in Bollywood only with true dedication, passion and hard work.

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9. Love has no religion

Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan are happily married couple with no controversies and issues, even Gauri Khan is actually Hindu by origin. Both were teenage love couple, who finally fall in love and end up getting married. Their beautiful love story is a real inspiration for many inter caste and inter religion lovers, which proves love sees no religion and caste.

10. Learn to respect everyone

You should respect everyone, every religion, be it Hinduism or Islam or Christianity. Shah Rukh Khan’s residential place Jannat has got unique features inside it, as the house has place for both worshipping place for Muslim and a Hindu Mandir. SRK, after marriage never ever forced his wife to switch her religion from Hinduism to Islam. In fact, SRK celebrates both religion festivals and his kids are also educated in both the caste teachings.

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