Make The Best Health Moves By Sleeping With Someone

Sleeping With Someone

There are many advantages in store for couples who are in close proximity while sleeping, as it increases their longevity besides improving the health factor in their lives. It is supposed that if you have someone besides you at bed time there is a soothening of the nerves and mind along with regulation of blood pressure.

Though going into slumber in your lover’s arms appears pleasant theoretically, it can be difficult to share bed for the entire night in practice with all the movements and sounds disturbing you. Former researches have shown that the brunt is borne by women, who wake up more frequently than men when sleeping together. However, latest research is revealing that our entire suffering may reward us by confering health benefits by sleeping besides another and is worth considering when you hear the annoying snores next time.

Sleeping together has numerous downsides too like countless blanket wars, apart from controversies concerning mattress tightness & room temperature. Past studies have indicated the health benefits of maintaining a permanent relationship which is attributed to sleeping in pairs by sleep professionals.

The health benefits of sleep along with your partner

Your heart pumps better with your partner around

You can avoid heart attacks or strokes in the wee hours which can be attributed to the manner of interaction of sleep and blood vessels. Loss of sleep causes deterioration of BP & cholesterol which lead to heart ailment and stroke. Lying besides your partner gives you a sense of security and reassurance which contributes to a sound sleep that lets your heart remain healthy.

Sleep can avoid cancer

Keep your bedroom dark to allow your body to create sufficient melatonin, which is a sleep inducing hormone which guards against cancer by suppressing the development of tumors. While someone lying tucked close by you tend to be less scary in a dark room, rather enjoy the complete darkness of your surroundings and a higher melatonin level.

A de-stressing technique

If your body lacks sleep it becomes stressed. The body’s operations come under close scrutiny raising blood pressure and creation of stress hormones which heightens the risk of heart attacks and further complicate sleep. Enjoying some energy drink with your partner and playing soothing music while engaging him in conversation always helps to destress. Above all, by sleeping with someone heightens the body connection which relaxes the mind and immediately lowers the stress level. Physical intimacy and fondling are the finest natural ways for making your stress vanish.

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Sleep increases your alertness

A sound sleep in the night invigorates you and keeps you alert for the following day. Being working and busy just not feels great, but also leads to a great slumber for another night. After you wake up with energy, use it to step out in the sunlight, perform your important tasks and become busy in your world. Your following night’s sleep with your partner would be better and raise your everyday level of energy and performance apart from improving your cognitive ability.

Sleep improves your memory

Though the cause for our dreams & sleep is not completely understood, a process of memory consolidation takes place during sleep. Even when your body might be resting, your brain may be engaged in processing your day, connecting between events, sensory stimulus, feelings & memories. The dreams & intense sleep are vital moments when your brain forms memories and connections. Obtaining more quantity of quality sleep with your partner will sharpen your remembrance and process.

Sleep may reduce weight

Studies have shown that persons sleeping below 7 hours in the night are more prone to be overweight or paunchy. Loss of sleep is believed to influence hormonal balance which affect appetite. The hormones controlling appetite, ghrelin & leptin are found to get disturbed by inadequate sleep. So for regulating weight, a good night’s rest at your partner’s side is essential.

Sleep may lessen your chance of depression

Sleep affect most chemicals of your body like serotonin whose deficiency may cause depression. Obtaining adequate sleep of nearly 7 to 9 hours in the night with your partner can ward off depression.

Sleep allows the body to repair

The interval of sleep allows your body to restore damage created by stress, UV rays besides different injurious exposures. While sleeping alongside your partner more protein is produced by your cells which act as building blocks of cells, enable them to recover from damage.

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Sleep & Disease

Sleep and its related problems have a big role to play concerning many human ailments in every sphere of medicine. Likewise stroke or asthma incidents are common at night and in the wee hours, maybe due to hormonal changes, heart rate besides different sleep characteristics. Sleep also influences certain types of epilepsy in intricate ways.

Sleep assists the body to preserve energy and revive the immune mechanism which can be more effective with your partner at your side.

Sleeping with someone apart from your partner is also beneficial as when the two bodies are close together signals are sent by the brain to various body parts for relaxing. So enjoy the health advantages of cuddling with your desired partner at night.

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