How To Manage Between Your Mom and Wife?

how to manage between your mom and wife

Hello gentlemen! This article is only for you, who are literally pissed off between the two most important ladies of your life, your sweet mother and your lovely wife. The level of your frustration and anxiety gets intensified when after a long tiring day at work you have to settle the differences between your mom and wife. It really becomes miserable for men to handle the heat of the situation almost every day. Well, personally I hate men who throw tantrums on women and cracking silly jokes about ladies. But to be honest it is indeed difficult to understand women and the worst part is every woman is difficult in her own way. To ease up things for you little, I am sharing some useful tips and ways down here to balance and manage between your mom and wife giving your head less stress and worry lines. Here we go..

1. Never disrespect any of the women

Being a man, first of all you need to respect women. Be it your mother, your sister, wife or any woman. You can’t understand one until and unless you respect them honestly.

2. Spend and devote your time to both equally

Divide some of your family time equally between your wife and mother. Spend some quality time with both making them feel relaxed and happy. You can simply talk to them about their day to make them feel better.

3. Take your mother’s advice more often

Your wife is your life partner and will be with you in your ups and downs. But, do not make your mother feel the distance between you and her. So, make her involve in your personal life decisions. Ask her for some wise advices and opinions.

4. Stay away from kitchen war

Strictly follow this rule. Stay away from kitchen war that’s not your field until you are badly needed there. This will not worsen the situation at least.

5. Neither praise nor scorn one in front of the other

Never praise your mom or wife in front of the other one. This will make the other feel low and disregarded. This will help you a lot to manage between your mom and wife smoothly.

6. Never exchange both ladies’ views for each other

Never ever do that. Women want to hear what other woman thinks about her but simultaneously they hate it. And when it’s about the “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship”, you have to be extra careful.

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7. Never make fun of anyone

Well, besides family fun time, do not make fun of your mother or wife intentionally and specifically highlighting their behaviours and negative points. That hurts really bad worsening the situation.

8. Encourage both to settle with better communication

To calm down the conflict of arguments and temper advice both to sit down and talk peacefully. Clear, silent and calm communication can mend relationships to much extent.

9. Use your honest judgment

Don’t be emotional while you show up your judgment. Be honest and always stick to justified reasons. This might hurt any one of the women, but it is equally important too, to settle the differences.

10. Don’t get over involved

Again, you need not have to interfere in the small conflicts between your mom and wife. Let them figure out the issues between them on their own. Get into the matter when you are asked to give your opinion and help.

11. Be neutral

The best way to manage between your mom and wife is being neutral. Well, that’s too logical because, you love both and both play an important role in your life and you don’t want to hurt and lose any one of the ladies.

12. Never encourage complaining

Avoid daily complaints till they are on lighter notes. Once, you sense the heat, discourage the complaining process for both. This only aggravates the relationship and matter.

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