10 Marriage Secrets That Every Couple Must Know

Marriage Secrets           

“Marriages are made in heaven” is the famous quote that almost all couples believe and rely on. But marriage doesn’t come with user manual of course so flaws and mistakes are quite unavoidable. Those who think marriage is more about love, fun, responsibility and loyalty, I think those people are the singles fantasizing their upcoming marriage life. Oh! To be true I am one of them. But realizing the actual facts and secrets about marriages compelled me to share those uneven and crooked secrets with you people all married and unmarried ones that you probably don’t know. Read on the following list of marriage secrets that every couple must know before getting married of course!!

1. Husbands!! be ready to be a referee

The never ending fight and conflicts between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law is the most common historic issue in every family. And it doesn’t matter who wins but the husbands are the only one who lose. They play the role of a referee and find it tough to pick a side and whom to support. So, husbands get ready to get pissed off very soon!!

2. Wives are always right

Never ever try to make any point to your beloved wives because they are your home ministers and hence they are always right. So, whatever they do accept it as they are the boss. All the best!

3. Girls be like your mother-in-law

After your you will find a new version of your husband who will be no more your boyfriend but will be complete mama’s boy who will want you to cook like his mother, take care of him like mother, keep the house like his mother and many more. So, girls better get trained.

4. Forget about women empowerment

At home especially the kitchen there will be gender equality where both husband and wife will have to wash dishes, cook food and clean the sink without any partiality. So, guys forget about your wife handling all the house chores because you will soon be getting a duty call.

5. Wives with a magic wand

Daughter-in-laws would be expected to do a magic to make their reckless and irresponsible sons to be the most responsible and decent person. Wives are expected to change their husbands in few months which was near to impossible for their husbands’ parents for so many years.

6. No check on wives’ expenses

So never expect that your wife will never ask the full track record of your expenditures. If you spend a single penny be ready to give a detailed report to your wife. But hey never ever try to get the same report from your counterpart’s end because your money is her’s and her money is obviously her’s.

7. Revealing everything to her mother

Well, don’t think your secrets are safe because your wife will surely reveal everything in details with her mother. So, if you share anything with your wife, think that you are sharing with your mother-in-law too.

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8. Husbands’ family treated like family but not your’s

So, your mother when would be visiting your house, your husband would be treating her as a guest and will expect her to leave soon. But. Your in-laws are the only family who would have the license to stay for long as they want.

9. Husband’s you will have to apologize first

Whatever the conflict is, whoever the faulty is, you guys have to apologize first if you don’t want to starve and waste money over restaurant bills. Because women never gonna apologize as I said before they are the boss.

10. Guys, you will lose your freedom

If you think that women are the only ones who would be sacrificing their personal life for your family and kids then I think you need to rethink. Your wives will do everything to kill your personal fun life and your freedom by keeping you busy in half of the household chores. Why? Check point number (4.)

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