Why Men and Women Think Differently?

Men and Women Think Differently

Well, it is always a great debate for all that both men and women think differently and in almost all cases women are made targets to throw all the tantrums, criticisms and comments, such as women have no brains to think, women have their brains down their knees all many such kind of bullshits. However, it is true that the thinking process of both men and women differ from each other. Men are not from Mars and women aren’t from Venus, but according to the science both female and male minds work and think differently which is really amazing. I am not here to prove women minds are better than men or men minds are poor because both male and female minds are unique in their own way and work amazingly different from each other which is a remarkable creation of nature. After reading several articles about men and women different thinking process, I found one common factor in every single article and that is women have been criticized horribly for their different thinking capacity. Well, for all those who believe in such shit, here is the actual, factual and proven truth behind why men and women think differently, free from all criticisms.

1. Brain’s tissue grey and white matter

Men tend to think more with grey matter and women think with white matter and this particular difference does not affect intellectual performance individually. According to the studies of University of California and University of New Mexico, men have 6.5 times amount of grey matter compared to women and women have nearly 10 times the amount of white matter as compared to men.

2. Brain tissue function differently

As mentioned above brain comprises of two different types of tissues, grey and white matter and these tissues have different functions too. In human brain, grey matter represents the information processing centres and white matter functions to network these processing centres. This is why men are good in logical tasks and women in language skills, integrating and assimilating information which is a clear reason why men and women think differently.

3. Different structural function of brains

Brains of males are highly specialized for using specific parts of one hemisphere or other to complete specific tasks, however female brains are more diffused utilizing significant portions of both hemispheres for accomplishing several tasks. This is the reason why men are easily able to separate their emotions, stimulus, information, relationships into separate boxes in their brain whereas women tend to link and connect everything together.

4. Role of hormones

Men have 20 times more testosterone in their body system as compared to women which makes men typically more dominant, aggressive and narrowly focused on specific task for longer period of time without getting tired. This is why men stay focused and super active while sex. And less levels of testosterone in women divide their focus, attention in multiple tasks using their entire brain. Another solid factor illuminating why men and women think differently!

5. Functional difference between male and female brains

Research have found that male brains have more and strong connections within the hemispheres, whereas female brains are more connected between the hemispheres which is the reason why male brains are optimized for motor skills and female brains are optimized for combining intuitive and analytical thinking.

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6. Male and female brains connect differently

Studies claim that male connect front to back parts of their brain while thinking whereas women have stronger connections from left to right parts of their brain while thinking. According to science, back of the brain deals with perception and front brain with action, similarly, the left brain is the site for logical thinking and right brain is for intuitive thinking.

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