6 Things That Prove Money Can Buy Happiness

things that prove money can buy happiness

While it is a universal truth that happiness is actually a state of mind and wealth cannot guarantee happiness, but it is also true that if you are a person who knows how to be thankful for everything you have, then money can buy happiness for you. If you spend your life running after working hard and smart to earn money and stack your bank accounts with oodles of wealth, then somewhere you are losing the happy moments, which you could have experienced if you had spent that money for gaining happiness.

For a poor people, money can buy happiness as they would be happy to get basic shelter, food and clothing. For some people, money can buy happiness as they can get access to education and pave the path for a bright future. Even people who are rich can use their money to buy happiness by planning a long vacation with their family and gain happiness from such fun filled adventurous experiences.

Happiness derived from money need not necessarily come from buying more goods. It is the financial security mainly, that helps you to fulfil all your feasible desires and you must understand the importance of being happy in all conditions. If you want to know how in reality you can understand the vital role that money is playing in keeping you happy, then you must read about these 6 things that prove money can buy happiness:-

  1. Freedom

If you are financially comfortable, then you won’t have to get stuck in your office working for more than 8 hours a day. You can start an enterprise of your own or work as a freelancer from the comfort of your home as you have to take no tension about how the expenses of the house will be met. In fact, you can think of pursuing some short term courses or you can indulge in your favourite hobbies. You can even think of investing your extra money so that you need not worry about the emergencies that might occur in future. Moreover, you will have more time to spend with your family as in your mind, you know that you can now lead a stress free life as you have become financially independent.

  1. Sound Sleep

Medical studies have found that the main reason behind sleep disorders among adults is worrying about money. It has been found that people with lower salaries are less happy as compared to people with higher salaries. The feeling of being rejected for a promotion or seeing a colleague getting higher salary or that their efficiency is not well paid are the most common reasons that can cause stress and people tend to keep worrying about it at night. This causes a distortion in sleep pattern, owing to which their health condition deteriorates. But this doesn’t imply that excess money will ensure abundant happiness. Since money problems create a lot of tension in anyone’s life, self-sufficiency is actually becoming the need to ensure peaceful sleep.

  1. Memorable Experiences

Happiness gained from purchasing materialistic goods is fickle and is generally not memorable. But if the same money is utilised on going for a dinner with friends and family, arranging your dream wedding or visiting your favourite destinations across the globe, then the quotient of happiness will be exponentially high and will be such a memorable one that even when you remember the whole experience, you will feel happy.

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  1. Gifts

Happiness comes from within. If you feel happy by your acts or behaviour and you are contented with yourself, then you need to indulge more in such kind of acts. One of such acts is gifting and donating. If you give presents to your near and dear ones to make them happy, then you will automatically be reciprocated with the happiness. Moreover, when you try your best in being a good human by donating money or presents to charitable institutions or spend some time with orphan children and give them toys, then you will be filled with happiness which you will cherish for a lifetime.

  1. Increased Savings

If you are a person who gains happiness by saving more, then increase in income will cause a rise in happiness and a reduction in level of stress. If you get a promotion, then you will now receive a hike in your monthly compensation. Thereby, you can plan to utilise the increased income in saving more for the unpredictable future. Higher savings will ensure that your future financial commitments can be met easily and you will automatically gain happiness with the very thought of a secured future.

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  1. Debt-Free Life

A long list of creditors and insufficient income to pay off the debts will just cause more worry and depression. Moreover, paying the outstanding amount in credit cards along with whopping interest amounts every month for endless period, starts draining your savings too. If you have sufficient sources of money, then one by one, you can clear your debts, loans, credit card payments, etc and thereby gradually reduce your level of tension and raise your level of happiness.

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