18 Daily Morning Habits That Will Make You Happy

Morning Habits          

No matter how bad and awful your last night was, you should not start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every morning you wake up should be the first day of your new pleasant life and for that you have to let go all your negative thoughts. Rushed mornings are very mundane part of most people and it has become important to eliminate the morning blues for a relaxed stree free lifestyle. Everyone must acquire some ideal morning habits to kick start their day with full energy and freshness. And for a cheerful bright day, you need to culture daily habits to make yourself happy go lucky. Here are they…

1. Sleep with your curtains halfway open

When you open your eyes, the natural light of the rising sun will send a soothing signal to your brain to slow down its production of melatonin and start the production of adrenaline, a signal that it’s time to get up.

2. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier

You don’t have to rush through your morning, jumping out of your bed to get things done super fast to reach your workplace on time. Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so that you will have ample time to get yourself out of your bed with natural boosting sunlight.

3. Wake up by stretching your arms with wide smile

It doesn’t matter if your are not a princess, but I personally love the princess morning habits especially the wake up style as it gives a royal feeling and the self-boosting vibrations. Stretch your arms and fingers with wide smile like you enjoying the early sun rays and the moment of getting ready for the showtime.

4. Cuddle with your spouse or kids

This is for those who have a family. Cuddling with your spouse or kids will make you more happy sending a quiet surge of joy in your brain and heart which is a great way to start your day and to keep going all day.

5. Stretch yourself for 5 minutes

Do the basic stretches your arm, neck, shoulder, legs, hips stretches to wake up your sleepy body muscles to get active and start functioning. You can also go for a short walk to get some lone time with mother nature to rise and shine.

6. Get a chair for your shower

If you hate standing and taking your shower which is quite dull you can bring a plastic comfort chair to sit and get your back a water spray massage which is real energizing, relaxing and soothing.

7. Sing while taking your shower

One of my favourite morning habits that I love to do to initiate my day in a real fun way is singing while taking shower. This not only enhances and uplifts your mood but also fills you with positive energy.

8. Play your favourite tracks

Okay, now if you think you sing really bad then you can also turn on your music player with your favourite tracks, it doesn’t matter if you love soothing slow music or some real loud music with maximum bass beats. The motto is waking yourself up with an amazing mood to achieve your plans in the day ahead.

9. Sip on some herbal tea or coffee

If you love coffee smell which fills you with energy then you can surely have your best cup of coffee to kick start your day but herbal tea works much better as it has zero adverse effects and is filled with antioxidants plus some essential vitamins and minerals to load your energy up.

10. Sit by the window

If you’re a nature lover you can take a glance of shedding green, yellow tree leaves with colorful birds chirping and blue clean sky with amazing golden rays of sun to commence your day with a pleasant and peaceful signal from nature.

11. Soak up in sun

Or else you can sit outside in your lawn or backyard to soak up some early sun rays to get yourself loaded up with vitamin D to get a glowing skin and happy cheerful mood. An ideal morning habit to practice for a happy day.

12. Smell some citrus fruits

The aroma of citrus fruits helps to reduce your stress levels and anxiety to enhance your mood and helps you to get energy for the day ahead. It also helps in digestion which keeps you happy all day.

13. Write few words in your journal

No editing and no thinking. Just write what you feel, doesn’t matter if you write a list of plans you need to do, or some quotes or the exact feeling of the moment that will help you to get a boost of positive energy.

14. Do meditate and yoga

Meditation and yoga for minimum 5-10 minutes can do the magic. You get positive energy, relaxed mentally and physically and all your stress and worries just starts evaporating. You feel light full of excitement and energy, amazingly stabled and balanced that is enough to be happy all day.

15. Have your favourite whole grain breakfast

The most vital element to kick start your day with full energy is your satisfying breakfast. Try to have more berries, whole grains or whole wheat bread with protien loaded food which will help you to run all day.

16. Add fruit juice to your breakfast

You can also add some fruit juice to your breakfast. Try to have fresh fruit juice rather the preservative loaded juices available in the stores. Fresh fruit juice are loaded with maximum vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants to enhance your mood.

17. Look your best

Whatever you have got till now about the morning habits to make yourself and your day happy will be increased by two times if you get dressed at your best. You won’t have to look like a model but try to look your best to be more confident and happy.

18. Kiss your spouse and kids before leaving

The most important element to add in your daily morning practices is kissing and hugging your spouse and kids while you leave or they leave for respective workplace. This makes you feel satisfied and happy with your family to concentrate on work much easily.

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