How to Move Forward in Life?

Move Forward in Life

Many of us can be guilty of procrastinating and not moving off the spot, even though we might spend a lot of time talking about things we want to change. It might be a career change or perhaps it’s our relationship we want to develop or end. Perhaps we’ve spent the last five years saying we’re going to move house, but never do anything about it.

If you spend time standing still while wishing you were moving forward, the solution is simple – get things rolling. It may be that once you make a start on a particular project, it evolves differently to how you envisaged, but at least you’ll have begun the journey.

Take the plunge

Focus on What You Want to Change

First, decide on just one aspect of your life to change. It’s wise not to tackle several different things at once, start with what’s most important to you.

Sometimes it can help to get a third-party view on your life and booking a tarot reading could be useful in separating out your priorities. A tarot reader can shed light on your particular circumstances and provide insights on your past and what may be around the corner. For instance, the appearance of a card such as the Eight of wands, which suggests imminent change, could be really encouraging during a reading. See it as a good omen, suggesting that now is the time to take action.

What You Want to Change

When you’ve decided which life area you want to move forward with, list the ways in which you might achieve that, such as listing potential new jobs.

Make a Commitment

Once you’ve picked a project, you should commit to it for at least a month. Spend a small amount of time on working towards that goal each day. It’s not just about research online though; try to be proactive. So, if you are looking to find love, make the effort to go on dates, or chat to potential dates online, rather than just skimming through dating profiles but never making contact with anyone. If you’re looking to train in a new skill, book yourself onto an evening course to find out if you’re suited to it. Taking things to a practical level will allow you to see if this is really something you’re interested in or not.

Don’t Give up Too Quickly


You may not get the results you want immediately. Instead of throwing in the towel, think about what you could do differently to work to the same goal. Analyze what’s not going well in your project, and think about past experiences. Notice if there are any recurring patterns in the way you approach things. For example, if you get bored easily, accept that this might happen and be a phase that you have to work through before everything clicks into place.

Be Flexible


However, not every idea will work for you. Be prepared to change your plan if things aren’t working out. That doesn’t mean giving up on anything too easily – most things in life worth having require plenty of effort and hard work. Equally, though, you’ll get a sixth sense if something isn’t right for you, and at that point, it’s worth changing direction. For instance, you might feel you want to release your creativity through writing, but it may be that you can’t write that novel you thought you could. However, that energy could be redirected – maybe you’d make an awesome teacher who can engage and inspire kids while helping them to learn.

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Nothing Needs to Be Forever

Often people resist committing to an idea because they don’t know how long they’ll like it for. This can apply to relationships as much as career choices or a house move. But if you accept that choices don’t have to be permanent, and that you can adapt them along the way, you’ll give yourself the momentum to try something new.

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