6 Ways That Prove Working Over Waiting Is The True Secret For Happiness

True Secret For Happiness

Whatever we do in life, however we lead our life, the end result for which we all strive for is happiness. All the wealth, efforts and time goes waste if we don’t find happiness. But everything comes for a price, even happiness. Days are gone when we cherished the saying that “good things come to those who wait”. Now, there has been an amendment in the saying that “good things come to those who wait after working for it”. No doubt, the former one teaches us to be patient and is especially an apt one to teach children to wait for good things.

But in reality, people who waste their three important resources aka time, energy and money in thinking or doing non-productive activities hardly get paid with the golden result called happiness. As time passes by, you get to learn that working for your goals is the only way to earn it. Whatever you have is a blessing and whatever you will get will depend upon your sincere efforts.

Life itself is a blessing and every moment gives you an opportunity to start working and stop waiting and if you want to live happily, then here are 6 ways that prove working over waiting is the true secret for happiness:

  1. Take Calculated Risks

It is your comfort zone that restricts your potential to strive more and attain your goals. It is very necessary to take risks by stepping out of your comfort zone. In this competitive age, you need to prove your credentials by taking calculated risks. You need to build analysing attitude and must jot down all the outcomes of the risk you are taking. The worst thing that can happen is failure, which you already have experience numerous times. But it is learning from your failures that will help you to emerge again with increased motivation. Take risks and even sustain failures because trying is important. At the end of the day, you must be satisfied that you devoted all your resources efficiently and must convince yourself to start the next day with a new plan and spirit.

  1. You Cannot Live Expecting Favours

If your life is just perfect and you are born in a millionaire’s mansion, then probably you won’t need to read this in first place. But most people end up starting their lives in families that have to participate in the race for winning money. Many people in fact, don’t let themselves come out of their comfort cocoon just because they have the habit of procrastinating. Day dreaming and not working for their dreams in the hope that one day a jinn would magically appear and grant them their wishes is one of the beliefs that discourage many people to make efforts. You need to realise that you were born into a family that has taken pains to bring you up, not for dreaming but to become a better person. Working hard and struggling may seem tough or impossible for you but what you will earn for it will make you feel that the hard work was paid off handsomely.

  1. Keep Aside Your Inhibitions

While risk taking is essential to start doing in life and to gain happiness, it is also essential that you convince yourself thoroughly that the risk is worth taking. It is obviously difficult to initiate something when you are sceptical about it but it takes guts to conquer your reluctance and go for it. If you spend more and more time in thinking about what would happen if your plan doesn’t work or if you fail miserably, then instead of upgrading your thought process, you are falling prey to negativity. Divert yourself immediately to what will happen if you succeed and think of all the positive outcomes. This kind of thought process will push you ahead to confidently put 100 percent of your precious time, money and energy into productive tasks.

  1. Rewards Will Motivate You To Work & Earn It

If you are simply given the luxuries of life, then the happiness derived from it cannot be compared to the oodles of happiness that you receive from earning these as rewards. The fact that you own the reward after working hard for it makes the happiness surge by multiple folds. If you are just randomly given all the things you have ever desired, then your craving for more things would increase while there will be no contentment for the possessions you have. On the contrary, when you get something after working for it, then you will be filled with content and when your desires increase, then you become ready to struggle more.

  1. Keep Pushing Yourself Further

It is a fact that when you keep pushing yourself, then it becomes less difficult for you to strive even harder. Like if you are stout-hearted about getting your dream physique, then you regularly go to gym and work out strenuously. If at all, you skip a day or two, then getting back into the hard working mode becomes tougher. On the other side, after a week of continuous exercising, you can actually push yourself further and increase the intensity of the workout session. You will be happier to attain a new milestone every time you push yourself from your comfort zone.

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  1. You Have The Power To Control Your Destiny

When you take efforts and struggle out to achieve what you want, then you automatically have the power to control your destiny. If you think that doing regular jobs in that robotic manner to earn the same pay check each month is your destiny, then it is time to prove your potential to yourself first. You must work to keep yourself improving. You need to showcase your talent and efficiency at workplace and that is going to earn you promotions, increased authority, incentives, etc. You must be able to build in you progressive qualities such as a public speaking, leadership, confidence, etc. If you keep waiting for your so called destined promotion by doing nothing extra-ordinary, then you will surely end up thinking of it as a distant dream. Start now. Work now by pushing yourself to prove yourself as a worthy asset for your workplace. It is only your efforts that has control over your destiny.

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