Overcome Your Work Load With These Easy Relaxation Techniques

Work Load Relaxation Techniques

Unwinding from a hard day’s work can be challenging. You can be unknowingly racing across your home feeling that it was your office and all tasks should be completed yesterday. This is the time to take notice of the events and relax yourself.

You can follow these steps to relax:

1. Change your work attire

Firstly change your work apparel on reaching home and even take a shower. Dressing up for work in the morning places your mind in working mode and putting on comfortable clothing aids you to alter your state of mind.

2. Listen to music

Play some soothing music as studies have revealed that our heart beat matches the audio which we are hearing. Listening to relaxing music will help to reduce your heart rate in a short time.

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3. Practice relaxed breathing

Breathe in a calm manner using your diaphragm which makes your stomach go in and out while breathing. If possible sit or lie flat and inhale deeply. Hold your breath for nearly 3 seconds followed by exhaling for 3-6 seconds which will decrease your pace of breathing.

4. Do stretches and ease tension

Stretch all body muscles and destress your body, particularly the neck, rear & shoulders where considerable tension is accumulated. Massage yourself to release stress. Try burning a candle or any incense. Recharging senses that haven’t been utilized during the day will break your thought process and make you start thinking about different things apart from work.

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5. Perform Exercises

Perform some mild exercise like yoga, Pilates and various body weight workouts. This will help you get rid of stress and exhaust you to place your body in normal relaxation mode.

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6. Relax your thinking

Reduce your thinking, as your mind would be functioning fast after a tedious day’s activity. Rest in a peaceful place and utter a brief mantra such as “I am relaxing”. Say this to yourself after a few seconds in a soothing tone.

7. Review your day

On route to home you should begin to let your work take a backseat. Make a quick recap of the activities where you performed well today and the areas which didn’t work out so well, modifications to be made in future, and the work required to be done tomorrow. Don’t spend too much time over this and after you have reviewed all relevant things, forget everything concerning your work.

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8. Attend to domestic issues

You will generally always have tasks to do at home so when you are on your way back think about the pending jobs at home – whether it’s an evening dinner or simple washing. Begin arranging for these and other related tasks by utilizing your thinking opportunity profitably while returning home.

9. Learning and Refreshment time

An excellent way to switch focus would be to concentrate on few learning or recreational pursuits if you are not in the habit of driving to your office and back. You can attempt to master a new language by hearing a CD while commuting home by bus or metro. Other modes of easing off would be solving a crossword puzzle, playing Sudoku, reading a good novel as well as shutting your eyes to perform a few mind-resting exercises.

10. No-phone time

It becomes difficult to leave the work mode if the phone keeps ringing well after closure of office. Mark out a specific time frame to be email-free and don’t revert to it till morning. Turn off your Android as all urgent matters will be in the nature of phone call.

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11. Go on a hike

Occasionally you come home late without enough time to conduct a p.m. exercise. Taking a walk will be refreshing and you can also connect with your friend, pet or any other. While alone, utilize the additional living room for simple ab workout or meditation hour to divert your attention from work.

12. Let go of your tension

You don’t require an individual masseuse or a loving spouse to obtain a massage. You can relieve your body stress by means of foam roller and massage ball. Just putting a roller at the rear of your neck and swinging between right and left can provide immediate satisfaction.

Always avoid a killer day at work and rejuvenate your mind, body & soul.

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