18 Things That People Who Love Solitude Will Understand

People Who Love Solitude     

I, personally love to be alone and spend some quality “me” time away from this hush hush world, far from busy sound of this technology inclined environment. And, there are many people out there who love the same. Solitude lovers are the peace lovers who love the natural sound of green surrounding soaking up in sun and feeling the green carpet of earth with a book or novel in their hands. No matter how much you love to hang out with your friends, socialize with people and indulging the roaring crowd and traffic, you will always seek for some lone time to get peace mentally and re-energize your soul. Be it sipping on your favourite dark coffee, or enjoying the lone time at home with a best novel of J.K. Rowling, or watching a super romantic movie all alone, you know in your deep down that it’s the best quality time you could ever get in your life. There are many things that people who love to spend time alone start doing more often. Let’s find out certain things that people who love solitude will only understand.

1. Weekend with no plan

Your weekend with no plans finally becomes a great achievement for you to do whatever you want to do away from those irritating people and screaming buddies.

2. Leave days to sleep all day

You totally get excited when your plan with your friends to go out gets cancelled and what you get is more than enough time to sleep and sleep again.

3. Watching movies back to back

Movies in theaters with friends and colleagues can’t be so much exciting as you get in at your home all alone. Watching A- Team, A Walk To Remember and Pretty Woman all back to back is such a nice feeling with a coke and a pizza slice.

4. Reading books on couch all day

You are totally alone and it’s raining outside. The best thing to get a warm feeling is getting cozy on your couch inside your comforter with a Rohinon Mistry novel is the best day with yourself.

5. Getting your lone time ruined by friends

You totally get miffed and fucked up when your lone time gets disturbed by your group buddies to enjoy a pajama party at your home. Totally fucked up!

6. Enjoying soothing music

What can be more peaceful and relaxing than reading a book with a real soothing music at the backdrop to give you an ultimate quality time by pacifying your soul and mind? People who love solitude will definitely get this.

7. You don’t worry about table manners

At office you have to maintain the work ethics and following the table manners with your colleagues and boss while having your lunch. But, you’re alone so don’t give a shit about the table manners.

8. Your cappuccino coffee, just the way you want

Rain all day and a cup of cappuccino coffee made by yourself with proper the proportions of coffee and sugar to melt down your stress. The best thing about spending lone time.

9. You love the wind on your face

Spending some time with mother nature and enjoying the wind on your face is like sipping on some drops of elixir and getting yourself relaxed on the top of the world.

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10. You enjoy the green look of the nature

The greenery of nature and feeling those grasses, the dew drops, rain and wind is the best way people who love solitude spend their lone time with themselves.

11. You get uninterrupted time for your thoughts

You get all lone time to indulge in your thoughts and dreams for planning your dream house and dream goals.

12. Paints and colors call you

If you are a canvas lover, your solitude will attract colors and paints to explore some best imaginations on the canvas making it a master piece.

13. You play some new compositions on guitar or piano

Music is always attractive either you listen or play it. And when you love to spend your time alone, you will definitely enjoy playing new compositions on your guitar, piano or whatever.

14. Planning trekking trip all alone

Going on holiday trips with friends is real fun and exciting but exploring world all alone is something different and thrilling. Go  for trekking, rafting, parasailing, paragliding whatever you love. It’s your time, enjoy it!

15. No self maintenance

You don’t have to look professional all day, holding your burps, farts and yawn infront of your colleagues and bosses at your workplace. When you’re alone just do whatever want. You can fart for 15 secs and no one is there around you to judge you.

16. You enjoy your morning and evening walk

People who love solitude always enjoy to go on a brisk walk alone be it in the morning or evening. You don’t have to think anything stressful, just walk and leave your stress behind your foot steps.

17. Getting a long break from loud and exhausting people

Traffic, crowd, parties, bar are totally mind wrecking stressing and exhausting. You get some lone time in your weekends and love the calm and relaxing time at your home all alone with a cup of coffee.

18. You explore your inner passion and talents

Painting, playing music, writing and observing all you do when you’re totally alone and you love to be alone. You simply explore your inner passion talents in that solitude which is totally great.

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