8 Ways To Get Yourself Busy Post Breakup

Post Breakup

Falling in love is easy. You find an attractive guy or girl and you just presume them as your true love at first sight. You both say yes for a relationship and then you think that he or she is the world for you. The process seems so easy until you get knee deep into any relationship. Maintaining a relationship can cause a wreck in your spine if you have started realising that he or she is not the person you can be compatible with. Some relationships just don’t work because God has some other plans for them.

Eventually, couples break up and sometimes, the break up is mutual while some go through a lot of pain when it is not mutual. But break up truly hurts. After break up, you may initially feel that you might never be able to come out the grief and ever can fall in love again. But you are wrong. What you actually need is a respite from the thoughts of the relationship. You may be flooded with advices and suggestions on how to cope up with the post break up scenario from friends and family members. Instead of listening to the endless tips that actually push you deeper in the thoughts of your ex, you must distract yourself and try to keep yourself engaged in every task you see.

At such juncture, you need to keep your mind positive and think of it as a positive situation. You must understand that you broke up at the right time and have subsequently avoided from making the situation even worse. You must think that you came out of a troubled relationship and now you are free to do anything. Make your post break up period as the most adventurous and craziest phase of your life. Try to divert your mind in thinking about the numerous benefits of being single yet again. To know the tricks to pull your mind out of the emotional post break up saga, read these 8 ways to get yourself busy post breakup:

1. Go & Explore New Places

If you want to completely forget your relationship with your ex, then the best solution is to go on an adventure trip all by yourself. Yes you heard it right. This is one of the most loved way to give a break to your stressed mind. Plan a long trip to new places you always wished to visit and gear up for an enticing experience. While you indulge your mind in sight seeing and shopping, you will unknowingly become more independent and that is where you start enjoying your single status again.

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2. Get Hooked To A Hobby

After break up, your mind suffers from a break down and you tend to get upset over small things. You may feel low confident and disinterested in work and you may isolate yourself from the society. To give your mind a boost of self esteem, try to pursue creative hobbies such as designing, writing, singing, dancing, painting and even cooking. You will start feeling the same excitement you felt during your kindergarten days since you are starting something new. Getting your time and effort directed towards hobbies will surely influence your mind to concentrate more on enhancing your productivity.

3. Chase Your Long Lost Dreams

As soon as you call your relationship quits, just look back at the time prior to the period when you were in love with your ex and think what all dreams were left half way. Recollect them and start taking action to fulfil them. Track their progress and continue from there so that your dreams work as a motivational force for you that will enable you overcome the sadness arising from the end of your relation.

4. Pamper Yourself

With all that drama during the break up period, your mind and body gets stressed as you get devoid of enough sleep and relaxation. Now that you are no more in a relationship, you must treat yourself as your special person. Pamper yourself completely and tell yourself that you are in love with yourself. Visit a spa and go for full body massages, sauna and various facials and other treatments. By de-stressing your skin and taking care of your appearance, you not only enjoy a makeover but your mood gets uplifted and you stop feeling pity on yourself.

5. Get Socially Involved

If you think to segregate yourself from the society and let yourself sometime alone in the darkness of a room due to your break up, then it is a completely wrong idea. It is in fact, an idea that will push you into depression. Instead, stop being lonely. Get yourself surrounded by people. Don’t leave any opportunity of attending a social function. Attend parties with your friends, colleagues and family and spend as much time as you can with them because you will gradually start enjoying being with people and having fun with them. Your mind gets a positivity dosage and by meeting new people you start looking ahead instead of peeping into your past.

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6. Start Meditation, Exercise Or Yoga

Meditation and yoga is an ancient method of connecting your mind, body and soul. You need to have an apt balance between them to ensure that you act logically and not in rage when you have adverse circumstances in front of you. If you are able to secure optimal balance between them, then you are capable of surviving any kind of sadness or anger. You will develop the skill of controlling your emotions and putting them in productive tasks. Moreover, if you do exercise or yoga, you will become fitter and you will start loving the impact of exercise on your overall health condition. This is actually one of the best ways to keep yourself distracted from your ex.

7. Renovate Your Home

Some people are very destructive when it comes to handling break up. They tend to keep the memories of their relationship ignited in their mind and in anger, many people have the tendency of breaking and throwing things. But that is certainly not a way to come out of grief. Instead, you must think that you will give a new start to your life and you will bring newness in everything possible. Start feeling new inside your home. Get your home renovated. Many studies have proven that people love to give make over to their homes and this gives them emotional satisfaction. Just choose your own way to decorate each part of your house by removing all the things that is associated with your ex.

8. Go For Mass Shopping

Another stress buster is shopping. When you are emotionally hurt like passing through a break up situation, then kick off the sadness by going to your favourite shopping centre, market or mall and start shopping for yourself. Go on shopping clothes, accessories, food stuffs, etc and say to yourself that you deserve to be happy in life and there is nothing that can make you lifeless. By shopping endlessly, you dilute your anger and the whirlpool of emotions and you start feeling better. The basic idea is to keep yourself busy as loneliness will take a toll on your mind.

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