10 Ways Social Media Is Impacting Your Married Life

Social Media Married Life

In the modern world, you have been gifted with lots of technological advancements such as the computers, smartphones and tablets that are aimed at making your life easier. But aren’t they robbing the time you used to spend with your family? Divorces and marital tension have become common among couples in this generation. In fact, you can rarely find happy couples and you will often see couples fighting over petty issues and screaming on top of their voice.

But have you ever thought what could be the possible reason for frequent quarrels between couples? One of the upcoming causes for divorce and fights between husband and wife is social media. People have become so much addicted to computers, smartphones and tablets for accessing their social media accounts that they have stopped spending quality time with their partner. This doesn’t mean that you should throw away your devices! It just means that you need to frequently track how much time you are spending in social media and how much you must actually spend with your spouse.

It is a surprising fact that people don’t find time to have a dinner with their families but have hours to chat with unknown people on social networking sites. Though it is important to be tech-savvy in this competitive age, but you must not let them hamper your family life. In fact, communicating through social media has made people less interested in conversing face to face. If you want to know if social media is victimising you and you are unable to spend time with your family, then read these 10 ways social media is impacting your married life:-

  1. You May Unintentionally Avoid Your Partner

You will certainly not feel good when your partner is constantly using the social media while you both are actually on a picnic, on boating trip, watching movie, having romantic dinner, etc. You tend to feel avoided when you start a conversation but your partner is just physically present and mentally in a different world. Remember, when you are together, don’t bear the intrusion of public in your private moments.

  1. You May Start Tracking Your Ex

Social media is excellent in searching people with whom you want to re-connect. But problems start when you try to track the status of your ex, while you still are happily married. You see your ex with someone else, you see their photographs, posts, etc and may feel jealous too. Peeping into your forgotten past can cost you a great loss in the present. So stop tracking your ex, when you can actually enjoy the present.

  1. Time Management

It is not offensive to use social media sites. But you must limit the time you spend on your gadgets. You must not sacrifice the time you spend with your spouse as time once lost will never return and marriage once broken, takes ages to mend. Don’t allow social media to interfere your family and love life. You must both work on to keep the love in your relationship blooming.

  1. Feeling Of Jealousy

People are becoming crazy when it comes to updating their status on social media. In fact, there are several obsessed people who update their status every half an hour. Even if couple find time to spend in loneliness, they don’t forget to update their status. Then comments and likes pop in from everywhere and when your spouse has a look into your status, he or she may start getting jealous if you have greater following on social media.

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  1. Choice Of Friends

You tend to love the attention you receive on social media. You may want to re-connect with people whom you knew in your past. In this process, you may end up being friends with wrong people and if you get influenced by their improper opinions and ideology then it can even create havoc in your relationship with your husband.

  1. You May Become Disorganised

You will certainly make your life chaotic if you spend your time or rather waste your time on social media excessively. Before your addiction to social media, you might be very organized in your family and work life which may get distorted once you engage yourself on social media. The social networking sites offer so many options that you feel like exploring them without even noticing how much time has been already wasted in it. You forget your priorities and you tend to hardly find time to spend with your loved ones.

  1. You May Give Excessive Information To Others

Social media is actually a media with which you communicate with people in your circle and sometimes it gets shared with the public in general. When you get so much obsessed with chatting and sharing photos on social media, you may give excessive information to others without thinking whether your spouse may like it or not. It may happen that when your partner notices that you share even confidential information and comment on explicit topics, then they might feel disrespected towards you.

  1. You May Start Keeping Secrets

It is fine to have some space in your relationship to the extent where it does not get misused. Many times, your hyper activeness on the social media may compel to keep some secrets from your partner and you may not feel like disclosing them with the fear that you may not be perceived well. But your behavioural changes when you start keeping privacy from your partner, can make the situation worse.

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  1. You May Tend To Become Negative

Here is one of the most important reason why people are becoming depressed in their lives. When you see people with beautiful faces, their clothes, way of living, the number of vacations they go and if they have a great spouse, then you start feeling that why don’t you have such a luck. You start feeling that your married life doesn’t have the spark which other people enjoy and you start becoming negative about your marriage.

  1. You May Start Flirting

This is another major problem associated with social media. You may become friends with known and unknown people. Since you spend a huge chunk of time on social media, you may keep checking profiles of different people. In the process, you may even feel attractive towards someone or you may be praised a lot by people and this may give you the confidence to indulge in some flirting. You may thereby, breach your spouse’s trust on their back. If you continue flirting this way, then you will soon find your marriage on rocks.

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