Know How Your Spouse Affect Your Health?

How Your Spouse Affect Your Health

Surprised? Yes it’s true that your wedded life partner could impact you both negatively and positively. Your married life, be it amazing, happier, peaceful, complicated and rough have different impact on your health. However, strong partnerships can help you to avoid illness, and adopt healthier habits, and even live longer. On the other hand, troubled and complicated relationships tend to foster stress and weaken immunity. So whether you’re dating casually, shacking up, or already married, or planning to get separate, keep in mind that your spouse affects your health. How? Read on..

Weight Gain

It’s scientifically proven that 60% of married couples gain extra weight. Due to few reasons like after getting physically connected with their spouse, some people with laid back attitude forget about their looks and fitness as they know their spouse won’t mind if they put on some extra pounds. And some get negatively influenced by their spouses’ sedentary lifestyle. “What’s the need of staying fit, when my spouse is so lazy and inactive?”


People who are very concern about their physical fitness and strict workout regime never stop exercising even after getting married. As they love to stay fit and toned and also encourage their spouse to start exercising by accompanying them. This is the best way as your spouse affects your health in real healthy way.

Healthy Lifestyle

People who stay fit and are concerned about their each calorie intake, always prefer healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Their diet comprises of proteins, fibrous food, low carbs, fresh fruits and no sugar and processed foods which encourages their spouse to eat the same. Even those people prefer short walks after dinner, sleeping early and maintaining a proper active routine which impacts their spouses’ life positively.

Increased Stress Level

Troubled marriage relationships no doubt create misunderstandings, fights, arguments and brawls. Too much of disturbances and negative emotions with negative thoughts release stress hormones, cortisol in human body. Even, if office stress could create disturbances in relationship which as a result increases stress between couples.

Feel Good Hormones

Happily married couples who love each other and lead a peaceful marriage life have increased level of feel good hormones, dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone released when body feels pleasure and the body gets addicted to it gradually. Thus, body loves to feel that pleasure and happiness all the time releasing more and more dopamine. Addiction, amazing way your spouse affects your health!

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Depression and Dissatisfaction

Content sex life is a very important factor of successful marriages. People who suffer from erectile dysfunction, or lack of stamina, or fast ejaculation or less orgasm experience unsatisfied sex life. As a result couples stay dissatisfied in their relationship which leads to depression and disappointment.


When couples experience negative influences from their relationship like unsatisfied sex life, lack of love making, increased level of stress due to misunderstandings start to feel worried, anxiety and depression.

Sleep Deprivation

If your partner snores, or is a late sleeper or suffers chronic pain in back or anywhere could probably hamper your sleep. You tend to be awake most of time due to continuous snoring or to check if your partner is okay which leads to sleep deprivation and fatigue.

Alcohol Addiction

People who drink usually suffer more disturbances in their married life as it is no wise habit to stick with. And some people get accompanied by their spouse while drinking that affects both partners health adversely leading to serious medical conditions which is a real bizarre way your spouse could affect your health.

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Smoking Addiction and Side Effects

The same is here. When your partner smokes your married life start encouraging the breach between husband and wife. It creates mental disturbances and stress. While your partner smokes, you too get in contact with the smoke that might be harmful for your health.

Increased Blood Pressure

People with troubled relationship suffer high blood pressure as compared to those who stay in a happy and content married life. Increased stress level and unhealthy lifestyle leads to serious health issues and blood pressure is one of them.

Balanced Blood Pressure

In a study of 2008, researchers at Brigham Young University proved that people in happy marriages tended to have lower blood pressure than people staying in disturbed relationships. People who happily married get lower risk of blood pressure.

Risk of Heart Attacks

The link between relationships and cardiovascular health is directly proportional. Disturbed married life or stressed relationships associated with a higher risk of heart attack and worst outcomes after heart surgery, especially for men.

Good Heart Health

Your spouse affect your health for sure as Stress and other underlying biological factors or any health issues get maximum advantage by the emotional and tangible support that partners provide. It’s the caring behaviour, the feel good hormones released by the affectionate touches, thoughtful actions make a difference in a person’s recovery.

Positive Attitude

If any of the partner is an optimistic individual and positive in attitude then there are more chances of better and improved mobility and healthy happy lifestyle. Optimistic life partners encourage their spouse to eat well, sleep well, stay active which influences spouses’ life remarkably.

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