How Staying Fit Improves Sex Life?

Improving Sex Life

Sex is the need of your body. Sex drive origins from human brain or mind but the most important factor for great sex is a fit body. I am not trying to prove that staying unfit will surely fail you on bed, but staying fit can surely help you win on bed. We all know regular workout or exercise keeps us active while sedentary and inactive lifestyle leads to several health issues. But for your knowledge, add one more to the list of health issues due to lack of fitness which is poor sex life. Obesity or extra weight can lower libido levels making your performance poor on bed. Fit people not only excel in social and personal life but also in sex life. Staying fit makes you a better lover improving your sex life. Let’s find out how staying fit improves sex life.

Blood flow to sex organs

Men who workout regularly experience better blood flow to their sex organs which means strong erection with long duration. Women also experience the same and enjoy great orgasms due to strong blood circulation to their privates.

Release of sex pheromones

Regular exercise helps in releasing sex pheromones the chemicals that help to attract opposite sex. The sweating while workouts help to magnify this scent that is why gym is the best place to meet and allure your partners to enjoy post workout sex.

Regulate hormone levels

Obesity increases the production of estrogen in the body and increase in the stress hormone cortisol elevates the estrogen levels too that leads to lower arousal rate in both men and women. Staying fit boosts testosterone in men enhancing libido which improves sex life.

Enhances body flexibility

Regular workout session increases body muscles’ flexibility. More the flexible muscles you get more the sexual satisfaction on bed. Body muscles can easily transform to different positions to enjoy sex more intensely.

Increases inner confidence

When you lose weight and stay fit who feel confident about your shape and fitness. Your confidence level increases due to the enhancement in your physical personality which means you feel more sexier and hot about yourself.

Reduces stress

Exercising regularly reduces stress levels relaxing your body and mind which enhances your sexual stamina increasing the sex duration. Your stress free body and mind enjoys sex more and feel the intensity more.

Attractive shape

Staying fit gives you an attractive figure and shape which makes you look more sexier and hot. Your sexy shape attracts your partner and lets you enjoy sex more intensely improving your sex life.

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Tightening of PC muscles

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscles get tightened by regular exercise increasing the pelvic floor contraction which is associated with orgasm. Kegel exercises or few bridges can help to tighten the vagina muscles for great orgasm.

Activates sympathetic nervous system

Regular workout boosts sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which helps in genital arousal which is related to SNS stimulation. According to a report, women who watched an erotic film post exercise experienced more arousal compared to those who watched film without any exercise.

Keeps body sexually active

Staying fit keeps your energetic all day and makes your body sexually active which means you can enjoy sex anytime you get the arousal. Your energy level remains at the peak which makes you less tired and helps you enjoy sex much better.

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