8 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Eating Pizzas Now

Why You Need To Stop Eating Pizzas Now

With a very heavy heart, I have a sad news for all the pizza lovers out there. Don’t worry, I am one of you too! Well, according to WHO, having one or two slices of your pizzas is not that harmful for your health but having five to six slices more often can be really dangerous for your health. People who eat pizzas 6-10 times a week skipping their meals of a day can be at a higher risk of health issues. If you order pizza once or twice a month just for a change it’s totally okay but be sure not to make  it a habit for your precious health. Okay let’s be serious and have a close look at your favourite pizza’s one slice details. A large size pepperoni pizza contains 311 calories, 3.5 grams of total fat from which 5.5 grams are saturated fat, 14-35 milligram of cholesterol and 720 milligrams of sodium which is totally gross. This is just what your single slice contains which never ever happens to you. Now coming to the reasons to stop eating pizzas, keep on reading..

1. High Glycemic Index Can Be Real Bad For You

The pizza base that some of you enjoy while eating is made up of white flour which is highly rich in high glycemic index which makes sudden rise in blood sugar levels soon after your consumption. Gulping some coke with it which you always love to do is a complete destruction for your health because it is high in sugar content. White flour is very low in nutrient content and has similar effect as sugar which simply add more gluten and weight to your body.

2. Fat, Salt and Calories Can Cause Obesity

One of the most strong reason to stop eating pizzas is saturated fats, calories, salt, sugar, MSG all of these become a great team for your health destruction leading to obesity. You not only gain weight but also increase your blood sugar levels by increasing your bad cholesterol fluctuating your blood pressure. Your heart becomes more prone to heart diseases especially coronary diseases and cardiac arrests.

3. Gross Combination of Foods Upset Your Stomach

These pizza franchises are so involved in their elevating business and fame that they barely care about their customer’s health. They simply start experimenting the tastes to satisfy the customer’s taste buds ruining their stomach and health. Trying to make their pizzas more innovative and creative they make incompatible combinations of food that play havoc on people’s digestive system. Meat, cheese and white flour themselves are three different categorized foods that need different digestive juices which is the basic combination.

4. Dangerous If You Have Acidity and Gastric Issues

Pizzas can be real dangerous for those people who have gastric and acidity issues more often, because these artificial flavoured and process foods, have more sugar, fats, gluten and salts that elevate the acidity and gastric tendency leading to serious health issues. Bloating can be the first sign of acidity and gastric when you eat pizzas which is a valid  reason to stop eating pizzas now.

5. Contains More Processed Foods

Flour, tomato sauces, oregano, cheese, mushrooms, meat and many flavours are added to a pizza making itself a highly processed food that are simply harmful for your health. Preservatives, your favourite toppings are processed foods that highly acidic which not only ruin your digestive tract and system but also ruin your immunity.

6. Makes You Miss Your Regular Meals

The pizza lovers all over the world can easily survive their days just munching on their pizza slices all day. They simply skip their meals enjoying pizza slices all day even continue the stale slices the next day which not only plays a havoc on your health but also makes you an addict.

7. Addiction For Life

Addiction of pizza can be really bad and is the only vivid reason you need to stop eating pizzas right now. They might taste heaven on your taste buds releasing dopamine hormones in your brain but they can be a life time addiction making you hate all other foods that are actually good for your health.

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8. Wastage Of Money

When you start eating pizzas all day or more often you simply waste your precious money on health disaster foods. You waste money on pizzas and later on you spend money on your medical and hospital bills.

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