7 Techniques To Eliminate Socialising With Negative People

How To Eliminate Socialising With Negative People

At workplace, it is common see that bosses fire the non-productive employees as they hamper the smooth functioning of the enterprise and drag down the productivity ratio of other employees too. But in our personal lives, we are hardly able to eliminate people who constantly influence us in a retrogressive manner and who make us what we never imagined ourselves to become.

Researches conducted across the globe have suggested that if you hangout with negative people, you are highly susceptible to acquire their thought process, attitude towards life and work, habits, etc. and you will gradually lose your happiness. Moreover, if you disassociate with negative people then you will enjoy freedom for your mind and approach and you will brim with more confidence and will also attract positive people into your life.

So check for yourself if you are being turned negative by the negative people you are social with! If yes, then its high time to know these 7 techniques to eliminate socialising with negative people:-

1. Sever Your Social Ties With Negative Friends

Sounds very harsh! Having friends is important in everyone’s life and friendship is the best way to explore the society. But when your own friends make you feel depressed, drained, frustrated, angry and you feel yourself drowned in the well of negativity, then its time to ask yourself, “Why are you still friends with such negative people?”

You should focus on removing the negativity from your life just like an addictive bad habit. You will not become lonely if you sever your ties from a negative person. It will just be an invitation to positive people in your life. Be honest to yourself and to your negative friend. Try to express your decision in the most humble manner, without disrespecting your friends or slowly and steadily avoid them and leave it to time to cut off the unyielding friendship.

2. Avoid Negative People At Workplace

At work, you need to be dedicated to your work with an open mind. Associating with negative colleagues at work can hamper the way you think and manage your work. They can influence you to bunk your work and you will eventually find your productivity falling steeply. Your reputation in front of your subordinates and even in front of your employer will gradually wither.

So you need to keep your atmosphere at work, free from negative people by avoiding them and their activities. You need to keep your schedule tight in office so that you don’t have time for negative people. Try your best to talk with positive people at office and continued association with positive colleagues will enable you to come up with innovative ideas and your personality will also become more pleasant.

3. Limit Watching Television

Today, television has become the largest source of negativity. Whether its news channels, daily soaps, action or horror films, every channel has something negative to offer the viewers. And this negativity attracts huge masses worldwide. People are now getting less focused to become more positive in life. The negative people we see in television daily, over emphasise the negative matters making us drained or depressed over the time.

In order to cut off negativity from your life, you need to invest less amount of time in watching television and rather give time to pursue your hobbies or just meditate to connect to your soul.


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4. Read It Right

Reading books is generally thought of as a good habit but you should be careful about what you are reading. Your mind is constantly hungry for information and reading books that impacts your mind negatively should be a strict no-no. You should avoid reading books or magazines in which the fictional character or any person expresses his opinion or acts in a way that moulds your mind to think in a negative order. Rather, read motivational and inspirational books that relaxes your mind and broadens your thought process.

5. Listen music that uplifts your mood

Most people like to watch/ listen debates or one-on-one discussions on internet or radio. Such discussions generally focus on a negative matter and the motto of such discussion is mostly winning over the other person with high raised voice and dominating attitude. These kind of discussions trigger negative vibes.

It is any way better to skip such shows and listen to soul soothing music. Music has the power to influence a person’s state of mind. So the next time to wish to get your dosage of positivity, turn the radio or music system on to listen to your favourite tunes.

6. Review Your Place Of Hangout

While hanging out in your weekends, make sure that the choice of place is not negative. Even places can be negative such as pubs and bars. Such places can obviously cheer you up and may make you popular too but it is also true that people who are alcoholic attract the most negative energies. Moreover, at such places, you tend to become jealous of others in terms of looks or financial status and may feel depressed about the level of success they have achieved in comparison to you.

Additionally partying hard can create a havoc in your routine life and you may end up in messing up everything. To be a part of positive social life, try to join laughter clubs, go parks, yoga classes, etc.

7. Associate Wisely

In personal and work space, you need to wisely think and choose whether you want to associate with a person or not. At work place, when you need to work with a negative person, try your best to get the work done by having limited conversations with that person. At personal space, you have numerous ways to avoid any social contact with a person who can negatively impact you and transform your attitude in a negative way.

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