‘The Secret Book Series’ That You Need To Read To Change Your Life Absolutely

The Secret Books Collection

 Author: Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne born in 1951, Melbourne, Australia is a television writer and producer well known for her New Thought book series and The Secret book series. Rhonda Byrne was featured in Times Magazine’s List of 100 people who shape the world in year 2007. In 2010 she was featured in Watkins Mind Body Spirit Magazine’s Annual List of 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. Her most recognised and popular books are “The Secret”, “The Power”, “The Magic” and “Hero”. The film based on her book “The Secret” was viewed by millions of viewers all over the world. Her latest book on demand is “How The Secret Changed My Life”.

The Secret: In Nutshell

In the book “The Secret” Rhonda Byrne is throwing light on the teachers of the present era who bestow their special wisdom which are known and grabbed by very few. These special people with special wisdom include some of the world’s leaders of science, business, economics, psychology, medicine, history and theology arena. The Secret book unveils engaging real life stories of common regular people who have changed their lives in intellectual and perceptive ways. By implementing the secret they have succeeded in acquiring enormous wealth, eradicating diseases, achieving arduous goals and overcoming next to impossible obstacles. The Secret shows you the way to implement this knowledge in your life in all possible areas from health, success, goals, happiness and relationships. This book can actually you to achieve your dreams making them true.

1. The Secret

The Secret – The 10th Anniversary Edition is the special edition of the entire series with 10 most life changing insights that works mostly to motivate the readers about the universal criterion about success and goals that can be achieved even if it remains hidden. This book unveils few little secrets that lead people on the road of success and happiness.

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2. The Secret – The Power

It’s a handbook to world’s greatest universal power to achieve anything you want which reflects a universal message that without power no human being would have been born and not a single human being would have existed in the universe. Every factor in this universe be it discovery, invention, survival, creation, existence, everything comes from the Power. The book revolves around the basic concept of power which is widespread around the globe.

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3. The Secret – The Magic

The Secret-The Magic is all about the magic that you believe for all your success and positive effects. The easiest and fastest way to change your life is the magic that unveils life changing wisdom and knowledge about the power of gratitude. No matter who you are, what you are, where you are and what are your circumstances if you believe the magic, the magic will change your entire life.

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4. The Secret – Hero

Hero brings together the insight and wisdom to inspire people making them realise that the real power lies within themselves revealing their inner qualities to live and achieve their greatest dreams. The book revolves around 12 life changing stories of successful people who achieved everything they dream of only when they never let die their faiths in themselves.

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