12 Things Agreed By People Unaddicted To Smartphones

Things Agreed By People Unaddicted To Smartphones

Technology has become the next best friend of humans and many people on this earth cannot live without owning a smartphone. It is true that smartphones provides you with internet on the go and has many other features to keep your mind busy during your free time. The basic thing for which the mobile phone was invented was to communicate while commuting. But gradually, our technology advancements have transformed the mobile phone into a smartphone, which is capable of performing all the tasks like a computer along with acting as a means of communication.

But it is people’s rising addiction for their smartphones that is creating ruckus in their own lives. Besides leading to health hazards, addiction to smartphones can impact your family and social lives in way that you are more likely to work on your smartphones rather than enjoying a family dinner or get together, you will also be occupied on your smartphones and social networking stuff instead of enjoy a vacation with friends and also you might end up messing up your married life due to addiction to smartphone.

We all need to convince ourselves that the smartphones are not worth it to sacrifice our social life and if you are successful in getting out of this habit, then you will agree with the 12 things agreed by people unaddicted to smartphones, listed as below:-

1. You Own The Phone To Communicate In Emergencies

The basic necessity that the phone fulfils is to communicate with others at times of emergencies by making urgent calls or messages. This is how phones need to be used. Phone is just a communication medium and we must use it to communicate about any event or incident or to provide a piece of information and also to receive it. Don’t let yourself get addicted to phones by constantly being in touch with someone over the phone for unlimited duration.

2. You Know How Much Smartphone Use Is Sufficient

Phone is the device that actually keeps you connected with your office work even after giving those whopping 8 hours to your job. Just disconnect yourself with your work as soon as you reach home and be good at self-judging about the appropriate duration of calling and communicating your information to someone.

Moreover, if you use your cell phone for the purpose it is created then you are less prone to suffer from Nomophobia, which is the fear of being out of phone contact. People suffering Nomophobia don’t ever stay at a distance of greater than five feet from their phones.

3. You Know The Importance Of A Good Night’s Sleep

People addicted to their smartphones find it very difficult to keep their phones away while sleeping. They feel that chatting with someone, playing games and watching videos will make them sleep soon. But instead, it keeps their mind engaged and the blue light released from phones clash with an essential hormone called melatonin that ensures timely and sound sleep.

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4. You Are Good At Parenting Kids

People addicted to smartphones are always engaged in chatting, calling, checking social sites, etc. They enjoy very limited family life. While kids need proper parenting, people hardly think of switching off their cell phones after reaching home. As per a recent study, increasing number of children have developed the feeling of neglect due to parents being addicted to smartphones.

5. You Never Use Phones While Having Meals, Driving Or Taking Shower

Smartphones can easily spoil your personal life if only you give it an intrusion into your personal space. It has been found that there has been a tremendous in use of smartphones by people when driving. There has been alarming increase in accidents caused due to use of phones while driving. Also, many studies reveal that people use their phones even while bathing and having meals.

6. You Don’t Hesitate To Submit Your Phones At Work

At many offices globally, the employees are required to submit their phones before they enter their work place. People unaddicted to cell phones find it easier to get rid of their phones and they are able to concentrate well in their jobs.

Additionally, people unaddicted to their phones dislike the loud conversations other people have at public places and over the time such addicted people show all symptoms of being an anxiety patient.

7. You Are Less Prone To Suffer From Associated Health Defects

Addiction to smartphone can make you suffer from defects such as text claw, text neck, poor vision, or cell phone elbow. Continuous usage of smartphone will cause swelling of fingers and you will usually feel numbness in the fingers. Moreover, you will feel strain in the neck muscles after continuous usage of phone in same position and suffer from ‘text neck’.

Also people addicted to smartphones witness blurred eyesight, dry eyes, frequent headaches and dizziness as they continuously keep their eyes busy in scrolling, texting, checking updates, etc. So if you are not addicted to phone, then you are keeping yourself safe from these adverse health effects.

8. You Mostly Prefer Having Face-To-Face Conversation

You know the importance of personal touch in any conversation. Hand and eye gestures along with body language can better convey a piece of communication in comparison to any phone call or text message. Moreover, you know how to have a proper conversation by giving your 100% and without getting interrupted by frequent calls and chats. Whereas people addicted to phones hardly have the time to have eye contact with the person sitting in front of them and they get irritated while concentrating on both real and telephonic conversations.

9. You Don’t Get Impatient To Check Your Social Networking Accounts

Loneliness in life and boredom can cause discontent in life. This induces the phone addicted people to constantly check their e-mails and social networking site accounts to give their free mind some piece of information or gossip. Additionally, checking the social site accounts quite often will build the feeling of jealousy and people tend to face emotional ups and downs. Gradually phone addicted people face depression and mental disorders, which starts isolating them from the society.

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10. You Effectively Know To Manage Your Time

Managing job and social life together can consume a lot of time and managing both of them effectively is yet another mighty task. Everyone has their own schedule and non-adherence can mess it up completely. So there should be also time set for managing your phone usage so that you don’t engage your mind in your phone for a long time.

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11. You Give Enough Time To Your Relationship

While you need to give time to your social life and work space, you should also give adequate time and attention to your relationship. There have been divorces where the main cause is phone addiction. People with phone addiction are more likely to have fights with their spouses causing the relationship to take an ugly turn. But people who are not addicted to their phones, try to pay more concentration to their relationship by switching the cell phone off after coming home.

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12. You Have Fun In Life Without Worrying About Phantom Cell Phone Syndrome

As per a latest research, people addicted to their smartphones are prone to suffer from phantom cell phone syndrome, where they feel a strange sensation that they heard their cell phones ring or vibrate while it actually didn’t. In addition, people who love to capture more and more pictures with their cell phone have much less memory about that event in comparison to the people who got involved in the event and enjoyed it.

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