8 Things Millionaires Want Apart From Wealth

Millionaires Want Apart From Wealth

In their aspiration of becoming highly successful, millionaires often get isolated from the small but memorable pleasures of life. They earn a lot of money but they eventually realise that money can’t buy happiness and satisfaction for them. Millionaires make a lot of sacrifice in their life to step by step achieve success but they however, cannot get the lost time back.

Many millionaires around the world; are found either unmarried or divorced. Many of them even suffer from mental instability and depression. Overall, money does not guarantee you the feeling of contentment and happiness. You need to find it for yourself irrespective of your bank account balances. While people across the globe dream of becoming a millionaire, have you ever thought what do millionaires want? So just go through the mentioned 8 things millionaires want apart from wealth:

1. They Want To Associate With Real People

Many studies have found that accumulating more and more wealth does not augment happiness quotient of millionaires. They feel that they are surrounded with people who want to be associated with them for the money have. They constantly work to earn more and more money and they tend to sacrifice their family and social life. With the passage of time, millionaires feel that luxurious lifestyle is a matter of show off and attracts only fake people who are all in praise for them. Millionaires actually want to associate with genuine people who not only appreciate them but also be their best critic.

2. They Want To Give Their Life A Meaning

As per few millionaires, they have got all the wealth they sometimes dreamed of, but their life is stagnant and has nothing that they find exciting any more. Millionaires enjoy every thing they ever wished during their struggle period. Gradually, their endeavour to make their life adventurous diminishes after a point of time. After attaining loads of success in all their ventures, they feel that they are losing passion in life. The best way to give meaning to their life is enjoying their relationships more, involving with the community work and pursuing their hobbies.

3. They Want Privacy

Getting rich either over the time or overnight secludes the millionaires from their society. All of a sudden they feel crowded with people who want to owe money or who already owe money to them. They constantly try to please the millionaires and create an intrusion in their personal space. Eventually, they start finding themselves lonely and less social. Though they enjoy a social status, but their privacy is hampered by being surrounded by thoughts of wealth at all times.

4. They Want The Lost Time Back

Millionaires relinquish lot of things in order to ensure speeding up in the path of success. They do earn boatload of wealth but they can’t buy the lost time. They can’t buy the lost vigour or health condition for themselves or their loved ones. They can’t bring back the childhood of their grown up kids and enjoy spending time with them. They can’t enjoy the same rapport with their not so successful friends with whom they loved to spend quality time going endless road trips. They start feeling emptiness in their lives.

5. They Want To Trust People Fearlessly

Millionaires are not made in a day. It takes a long period of struggle to reach to the pinnacle. In their path to success, they come across people of different calibres and many give them bitter experiences too. They find it difficult to judge people and they are worried as they cannot easily trust people. They even worry that their children might get spoilt and they might spend the entire wealth in leading an extraordinarily lavish lifestyle. So millionaires want to trust people but their insecurity keeps them worried and suspecting everyone becomes their habit.

6. They Want To Work To Earn Their Living

Excitement in life comes from working for some or the other goal. We work hard in our childhood for scoring high marks. We study hard in college for building the foundation of a bright future and when we start working, our motto is to become rich. But what after that? Wealth and all the luxuries of world at your feet steals the zeal to work and earn your living. You start losing your self-esteem as you can afford everything without even working for it. You start perceiving your success as one of the mistakes of your life that has robbed you of your hard working attitude.

7. They Want To Live Safely

While trusting people is a very critical issue for them, living safely is another grave issue that keeps them worried. Their hard earned money is always under stake. They lose much of their wealth in protecting themselves, their family members, their mountain level wealth and their properties. They often fear of being robbed, kidnapped, murdered and they even are scared of their property being illegally seized.

8. They Want To Enjoy Their Present

It is a known fact that 15.5 percent of people in Singapore are millionaires and ironically, Singaporeans are far ahead in the list of the unhappiest countries in the world in comparison to politically unstable countries such as North Korea, Iraq, etc. Millionaires have the tendency of turning their receivables into further investments, while they are less habitual of saving money or making donations. During their initial period of success, they feel that piling up money will give them happiness in their life and they sacrifice their present happiness for better future. They don’t believe in enjoying what can give them happiness in the present time and devote their complete time and energy for the highly unpredictable future.

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