7 Things People Do While Hiding Their Depression

People Hiding Their Depression                 

Depression is generally less noticed by the public or the people around the person who is depressed for some reasons. However, over last few years, the understanding of depression has improved a little. But sometimes, people tend to misunderstand or overlook the depression and the symptoms related to it.

Because of the perpetuating stigma, people don’t always identify the persons in their lives who are struggling with this illness or some kind of dilemmas. The worst thing is, most people go undetected because of fallacious presumptions about the reflections of depression and what to look for, which lead most of the people to hide or conceal their depression either from others or from themselves.

Especially when a person is in depression and is undiagnosed, he/she usually tend to develop ways of coping with the issues and dilemmas that hides his/her illness from people around him/her and try to avoid people so that they couldn’t recognize his/her symptoms of depression. People should know that the assumptions about depression are not always clearly visible to us.

Here are some common symptoms and things people usually do when they might have hidden depression:

1. Not looking exactly depressed

Due to media and cultural clichés, most of the people have a common assumption that a depressed person looks like struggling depression all the time, such as rarely going out of the room, not getting dressed well, and consistently looking miserable, but the fact is people in depression do not behave like this all time.

2. May look like being exhausted

The most mundane effect of depression is a persistent exhaustion. Not everyone, struggle with this disorder, but it’s extremely common for those who endure this symptom with their depression. This symptom is one of the arduous side effects to fight against. Getting easily exhausted have several kinds such as getting plenty of sleep at night and waking up early in the morning, or getting very less sleep and getting awakened from the middle of the sleep, blaming themselves for any fault and mistake, however, this symptom is tough to conceal.

3. Getting irritated extremely

Getting irritated is a frequent overlooked symptom of depression which is also very mundane. Depression is a health problem which is normally avoided by people or the depressed person’s family members.  If someone gets irritated easily over little things, don’t misinterpret the person, as the person might be suffering from acute depression. Constant dealing with depression drains the person and leaves little room, even no room for patience and understanding.

4. Toughest time to retort towards affection and concern

Depression is somewhat like not feeling anything, or feeling partially and briefly experiencing emotions. It varies from person to person, but some people in depression feel almost numb and the proximity thing to an emotion they experience is a kind of sadness and/or irritation. A person might even get irrationally irritated or miffed with you because it may simply be too tough for his/her brain to process and retort to your loving gestures.

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5. Avoiding favorite activities or things

Due to depression, the interest level is affected adversely. The lack of interest in activities over a prolonged period of time could be a sign that the person is in depression. As I said, depression is like getting physically and mentally drained which creates difficulty in participating in the activities and things, that normally gave enjoyment and happiness to the depressed person.

6. Developing abnormal eating habits

Abnormal eating habits mostly develop for two reasons, that are form of coping with depression, or as a side effect of lack of self-care. Eating too little or too much, eating too fast or too slow is a common sign of depression. That’s because the depression affects the appetite, making eating uninteresting.

7. Highlighting bad days and better days

Depression has its own ups and downs. If someone is hiding or is undiagnosed of depression, they get random mood swings, depending on the depression’s consistency. They will try to figure out what’s good or better and what makes their day bad and worse according to their hikes and falls of depression level.

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